Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Destination Out- a home for deleted free jazz

Granted that records themselves are supposed to be the subject here but a blog that covers out-of-print treasures is good enough to be saluted and visited on a regular basis. So imagine my delight when I received this e-mail:

"As a long-time reader of PSF, I thought you might be interested in a newish mp3 blog that my Chemistry Class colleague and I have put together: Destination: OUT . It's an avant jazz-focused thing; given PSF's focus, I'm guessing you have some interest in this kind of stuff. There doesn't seem to be much free jazz action in the mp3 blog world, for whatever reason.

We're specializing in rare and out-of-print tracks. We've so far posted some John Zorn (off "News for Lulu"), Don Cherry, Alice Coltrane, the Shorter bros., and lots more. We're updating about twice a week, and just this morning posted a few tracks from Ornette Coleman's Carnegie Hall show from last month."

... only that was last week and in the meantime, we have some Randy Weston tidbits to enjoy. As always, any enterprising label should take heed and note of the goodies there to consider turning some of these items into reissues.


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Yes! re: Destination...thx!

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