Monday, November 19, 2007

Quarterlife- not just another Gen Z soap opera

Maybe because it's written by the same folks who brought up My So-Called Life but as far as the burgeoning (and usually blah) field of web shows goes, Quarterlife is a keeper. Maybe it's also because though they're a bunch of good-looking young white kids, they're all messed up and confused in one way or another so you kind of empathize with them on some level. I know, I know... poor little artist-wanna-be's. But from the guys scamming for a commercial to the alcoholic actress who's a hottie but not devoid of feelings to the put-upon magazine-girl-turned blogger, they're memorable characters.

It looks like NBC agrees as they just agreed to pick up the show for their TV line-up. As an LA Times article notes, with a writers' strike going on and having a show that's already been developed made this all the more appetizing to them. It'll be interesting to see how the show survives (hopefully) on the small screen after developing on thousands of computer screens.


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