Monday, December 08, 2008

Have a Santastic holiday with dj BC

Beantown mash-up genius dj BC (the guy who brought us the Beastles and Wu Orleans) wishes you happy holidaze with his new Santastic Four collection, where he and other aritsts (including Go Home Productions) mix and match holiday records. You can pick out the Ramones, Petula Clark, the Bee Gees, Blondie, the Specials, the Beach Boys, Benny Goodman (I think), Tchaikovsky, Blink-182, Radiohead, the Who and James Brown (the last two mixed together) among others. And best of all, like his other works, he offers these holiday treats free for your entertainment at this website. It's perfect for all of us who are sick of hearing the same holiday songs over and over again every time we walk into a store.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of his earlier mixes (on the third collection, I think) mixes the piano from "I'm Waiting For the Man" with Christmas songs - loved it! The Led Zep mix (also on 3?) is just as good, and it's scary how easily the melodies of familiar mas tunes fit into the structure of Led Zeppelin records.

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