Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best of NY 2009- Village Voice

I've lived in NYC about half my life now and I do love it here, so much that I love to write about the great things going on here. That's why I'm stoked and honored to do write-up's for the Village Voice's annual Best of New York issue, which just came out this week. Check out the whole section of course and please see the individual things I found to share about Gotham too:

Best Place to Get a Weird-Themed Cake
Cake Man Raven

Best Way to Literally Get Your Clock Cleaned
Sutton Clock Shop

Best Offline Game Geekdom
The Compleat Strategist

Best Reimagining of a Crosstown Expressway

Best Way to Reincarnate Your Two-Wheeler

Best Multimedia Artificial-Intelligence Arts Group
OpenEnded Group

Best Buskers Dressed as Animals

Best Way to Get Your Brass in Gear
Brass Lab


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