Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011's Greatest Hits

Ah yes, time for the yearly ritual. Along with showing off your favorite music, these kind of lists are useful to share with other music nuts who crave to learn about what's been good out there (not to mention helping the compiler remember what the hell they liked in the past year). Also, even though I participate in a number of music polls (Pazz/Jop, Blurt, Perfect Sound Forever), I hate to keep giving the impression that I only enjoyed 10 records each year and didn't care about anything else!

I tried to track down links that would let you hear all the albums or songs if you're curious or at least give out the artists' websites to look for their music there. Despite my research, I probably flubbed some of the label info so feel free to correct me on that.

One thing that I'm embarrassed about is that there's only one jazz record in my new releases list and that's my fault obviously and not the genre- for good lists on new jazz releases of 2011, I'd recommend A Blog Supreme, Fred Kaplan, Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches, Rhapsody, Tom Hull and whatever Ben Ratliff comes up with.



You can stream many of these songs on my Spotify playlist too.



Blogger Ceptor said...

Honorable mention for Austra, Feel It Break?

10:44 AM  
Blogger Perfect Sound Forever said...

She's not bad (good voice, nice beats) but I like Robyn and Lykke Li better for that kind of downcast dance music (they have better songs too I think).

11:04 AM  
Blogger said...

    I'm writing to let you know that soul music's "mystery man," the enigmatic Willie Wright, famed for his funky 1970 cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “Right on for the Darkness,” has just released a new album, his first in 35 years. His 1977 classic, "Telling the Truth" was re-issued last year by Numero Group in Chicago. The re-issue got very positive response from soul fans and new listeners; "Good Morning America" featured one of the tunes ("I'm So Happy") from it on May 7, 2011, and the first pressing of the re-issue sold out in a matter of weeks. All of this inspired Willie to ease temporarily out of retirement, assemble a new band with some old friends in Burlington, Vermont, and create this collection.
The new album, all recent, original compositions by Mr. Wright, is called “This is Not a Dream.” It was released by Green Coil Records in Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A. on April 24, 2012. You can hear all the new tunes here: and see some videos and read the complete liner notes, as well as buy the CD directly from the artist at  
He is now 73, living in Providence, Rhode Island, and copes with advanced Parkinson's, but can still make arrestingly beautiful music with his characteristically thoughtful lyrics. His "smooth as warm butter" voice is still powerful, although at the same time it now reveals a more fragile and emotional side than in his early career.
Given that he is not able to gig or tour in support of the album, we are depending on reviews and word of mouth to promote it - please give a listen and let us know what you think.
Thank you
Bob Green
Green Coil Records

3:48 PM  

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