Monday, February 28, 2005

The Fiona Apple album her record company hates

Extraordinary Machine may or may not see the light of day because Ms. Apple's record company (Sony) doesn't think it's hit-bound enough- her official site (run by her label) still only has info about her last album up. Granted that I like her previous record When The Pawn more than what I've heard of the new one but it should be heard by the public nevertheless- I'll take her over Sheryl Crow or Tori Amos anyday.

Want to do something about it? You can hear five of the album's songs here and you can also sign an online petition, telling Sony to release the record.

Worse comes to worse, I hope that she can buy back the masters and release it on her own. In an ideal world, it would then sell a boat-load and prove Sony wrong. Don't laugh. Remember what happened to Wilco and Reprise Records...?


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