Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Unformed brains explains musical deaths?

Interesting article article from ABC News: Teen Brain Blamed for Reckless Driving

That would certainly explain many a dumb, dangerous thing that I did in my teen days (and I'm sure you all did a few too, right?). I also wonder if that explains a number of pop music casaulties that happen at tender, young ages. Think of Kurt Cobain, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Janis Joplin, Duane Allman, Sid Vicious, Brad Nowell (Sublime), Bobby Fuller and Johnny Ace. Maybe also include Jimi Hendrix, Gram Parsons, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison depending on how you think they really expired. Mind you, I'm only talking about 20-something's here.

It's no secret that young-un's are thrill seekers but now maybe we see part of the reason why. When you're given the trappings of fame, the temptation to live on the edge and experience everything to the fullest obviously has a cost sometimes.

Maybe scientists are already thinking about how to modify our genes so we don't have this 'problem' when we're young. And then what'll happen to our heroes? Sure, it'll be nice to have them around longer. Can't we admit though that part of the reason we adore them is because they live on the edge and we live vicariously through them in some way?


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