Monday, August 08, 2005

RIP Peter Jennings

I know, I know... I shouldn't get weepy over the mainstream media but there was something decent and humane about this ABC News anchor that I always admired. I watched World News Tonight for years with him on it and always thought that he was earnest in his work. You see less and less of that in the media landscape nowadays. With the boom of the cable and then Net and eventually blogs, it was obvious that the news machine on the major networks wasn't covering everything (then again, who does and does it well?). But you could feel somewhat secure that he and his gang nailed some of the big national and international stories as well as they could. This was someone who really strived to be fair and balanced. Also, I always admired how especially recently, he would keep hitting the road, leaving his NYC home office, to find out more about the rest of the country and share that with viewers.

After he come on the air and said that he wouldn't be broadcasting regularly, speaking in that heart-breaking, raspy voice, I always hoped that one day he'd poke his head back in and make an appearance. Evidently, he did but it was behind the scenes.

It was obvious that this day was coming but that doesn't make this any less sad. I'll miss ya Peter. Thanks for the fine work.

If you'd like to share your own thoughts about him and his work, ABC has this message board.


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