Monday, September 26, 2005

Meet the Press hits a new low

Letter to Meet The Press:

Tim Russert's interview with Aaron Broussard was one of the most disgraceful pieces of television journalism I ever have seen. As a regular watcher of MTP, I was appalled by pettiness and lack of sensitivity that Russert displayed. By replaying the video of Mr. Broussard weeping emotionally from the previous week, the show was obviously exploiting the deeply felt tragic situation in New Orleans. To then nitpick over the exact days that it took for a doomed old women to get rescued was horrifying- is that really important in the scheme of things to try to nail Broussard about those days considering that the women and hundreds of others were left to die?

Shame on Russert for such cheap, tawdry tactics. I expect a lot more from MTP and hope that this kind of bottom-barrell journalism isn't going to become a standard for otherwise stalwart program.


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