Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Comanechi- warlike indeed

The Comanche were probably the most fierce Indian tribes in America. Not only did they not take any shit from the white settlers but they went to war with just about every other Indian tribe and made numerous raids into Mexico.

But that's not the same as Comanechi the band (is that "comin' at ye?"), though they're also fierce. They're a London guitar/drums duo but they're much more rabid than the White Stripes (if not as unhinged as Stella or Lighting Bolt). On their MySpace site, they label themselves as "alternative/punk/death metal" and as off-putting as it sounds, it's actually not too far off from the truth. To me, it also sounds like prime riot grrl territory (think Bikini Kill, L7) with some good grunge riffing (and occasionally, some surprising tunefulness) thrown in. And why wouldn't you be interested in a band that gives gruesome, quasi-religious live shows?


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