Thursday, April 13, 2006

Eagles of Death Metal- thank god for dum fun

Even if you didn't know that they were Queens of the Stone Age in disguise, you'd still pick up that Eagles of Death Metal are on the QOTSA sound tip with their lovely little Death By Sexy... CD. There's a big difference though- where the Queens started off silly and raunchy, they made the mistake of taking themselves too seriously, like this kind of revivalist sludgy me-decade hard rock is supposed to be "significant" or something. Big mistake there, guys...

Luckily, they've righted themselves with Eagles, which is just the kind of dum fun that you'd hope it to be with such a hilariously off-putting name. Rhyming "cherry cola" with "rock and roller"? Delicate guitars and maracas breaks with gulped vocals on a song called "Solid Gold"? Lyrical wisdom like "Get your motor running and dance with me" followed by a line about your mama? It's freakin' boogie brilliance, really.

Now if only the QOTSA could loosen up as much once again. No matter what they call themselves, they'd beat Electric Six at their own game by making the songs as catchy without always worrying if they're swarmy enough. They are and forcing it isn't the way to go, unless they want to go back to playing small bars like most of their '70's heroes do nowadays.

The only thing I wonder about otherwise is what the Queens/Eagles will think of for their next band name: (regal name) of (music genre or time period). Dukes of Alt-Country are a little obvious but maybe Cardinals of the Plague years? Too bad Birdsongs of the Mesozoic is already taken...

(You can listen to (stream) the whole Eagles of Death Metal album at Napster)


Blogger Jab @ BZT said...

Eagles Of Death Metal and QOTSA are the same band?

No shit?

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only Josh Homme and occasional appearances by QOTSA drummer Joey Castillo. Everyone else is part of the 'Dessert Sessions' crew. But not necessarily QOTSA.

7:53 PM  

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