Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Black Flag- punk nostalgia

Thanks to Joe Carducci (who'd know 'cause he was there), I was tipped off about some vintage Black Flag clips from their early '80's five-piece days with Henry Rollins in the line-up but when Chuck Dukowski and Dez Cadena were still around too. Dig 13 whole minutes (which includes plenty of material from the hardcore classic Damaged on the Google Video site (who needs YouTube?) from a spring '83 show. Granted, the audio and video ain't top notch but this is punk music we're talking about- alive, real and raw. Rollins is pumped and primed for action while leader/guitarist/songsmith Greg Ginn spews out six-string madness. I haven't heard much music that brings about sweet catharsis quite like these guys did in their heydey. Also note that on the left side of the Google page are links to other BF videos from that era.


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