Monday, June 25, 2007

Barbara Manning- cuts like a knife

Once upon a time (aka the 90's), Barbara Manning was poised to be the toast of the indie rock world, having made not just the right connections but also gotten there with beautifully memorable songs. I interviewed her 10 years ago for PSF and found her to be a very sweet person too.

Nowadays, she's experiencing mid-life crises, having mostly given up on releases or shows, instead pursuing a degree in science: a fine SF Gate article details her history.

Luckily, her old friend Pat Thomas didn't forget about her. Not only did he help release some of her early records back in the day but now he's re-assembled that fine work into a box set called Super Scissors, which includes Lately I Keep Scissors and One Perfect Green Blanket (which were previously paired on CD but are now long out-of-print) plus out-takes. Along with a dazzling array of cover songs, Manning provides her own striking originals (including the wonderful title tracks from each of the original albums). It's a limited edition so don't miss out on it this time.


Anonymous James said...

Yep, I picked up a copy at Kim's uptown, the one near Columbia University. Last copy they had on the shelves (at the time, at least). I already owned that Heyday twofer of Perfect and Scissors, so the disc getting the most spins at my place is the new outakes disc, which is terrific.

Remember when Liz Phair was being compared to Barbara Manning when the Girlysound tape was being circulated? Those were the days...

9:52 PM  
Blogger george said...

I happened to live in the Bay Area 1986-1996. Manning was the bomb with or without the SF Seals and one of two folk rock divas, the other a strangely reclaimed and now (well then actually) zaftig Penelope Houston, late of Avengers fame! Jason steers U true; get this set b4 it's gone!

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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