Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stuart James- unplugged UK rap

The music biz ain't a kind and gentle place and too many times, it chews up and spits out worthwhile artists. Stuart James might be of one of them unless some stalwart label or producer steps in to help him make a record (HINT, HINT). Til then, he'll have to hope that London gigs and word of mouth from his MySpace page get him enough momentum- it's worked for other acts so hopefully, it'll work for him too.

And he's worth the fuss 'cause... well, start by listening to his tunes at the link above. His thick English accent, his deft rhymes, his whole act an an unplugged rapper armed with an acoustic guitar is all so damn appealing that you'd figure and hope that it'd be a matter of time before he'd made the grade. He sounds almost like a sweet, singer-songwriter version of the Streets but with a quick lip and a good observation eye and a big heart (though he gets a little obsessive about relationships). I liked it enough to include a song on my own MySpace page and hope that we hear more from him.


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