Saturday, March 01, 2008

Achingly Beautiful- a list

On a music mailing list, someone started a thread about songs that are so achingly beautiful, you're almost hesitant to play them. It's a wonderful way to eat up time but I couldn't help but thing of a few favorites and dig through my vinyl, CD's and MP3 files to find a few favorites. Here's what I came up with:

Mississippi John Hurt "Shortnin' Bread"
Arcade Fire "Rebellion (Lies)," "No Cars Go"
Flamingos "I Only Have Eyes for You"
Tom Waits "Time"
John Fahey "The Approaching of the Disco Void"
Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards "The Viking"
Minutemen "History Lesson Part 2"
Billie Holiday "Strange Fruit"
Neil Young "Borrowed Tune," "Oh Lonesome Me"
Evan Lurie "The Spinster's Waltz"
Steely Dan "Any Major Dude Will Tell You," "Doctor Wu"
Grifters "Pretty Notes"
Jandek "Didn't Ask Why"
U2 "Bad"
Love "You Set the Scene"
Archers of Loaf "Chuming the Ocean"
Beach Boys "In My Room"
Yo La Tengo "Don't Have To Be So Sad"
Green Day "Good Riddance"
Lil Wayne "I Feel Like Dying"
Elmore James "It Hurts Me Too"
Flying Burrito Brothers "Dark End of the Street"
Dolly Parton "Just Because I'm A Woman"
Captain Beefheart "Her Eyes are A Blue Million Miles"
Miles Davis "I Love You Porgy"
Joe Jackson "Breaking Us In Two"
Magnetic Fields "I Don't Believe You"
Kinks "Waterloo Sunset," "Shangri-La"
Elvis Costello "Walking on Thin Ice," "Alison"
Go-Betweens "Cattle and Cane"
Peter Stampfel "Believe Me If All These Endearing Young Charms"
My Bloody Valentine "To Here Knows When"
The Platters "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"
Al Green "Funny How Time Seems To Slip Away"
Ice Cube "Dead Homiez"
Husker Du "Too Far Down"
Pixies "Havalina"
Bob Dylan "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright," "Shelter From the Storm"
Lucinda Williams "Lonely Girls," "World Without Tears"
Chet Baker "My Funny Valentine"
Michael Hurley "Sweedeedee"
R.E.M. "Everybody Hurts"

Whew... Hope that's a few of your favorites too or maybe at least that it inspires you to see a few of these out. If you have Napster, you can go to this link, sign in and hear most of these songs in full (streamed).

And what's on your list of achingly beautiful tunes...?


Blogger Ceptor said...

Two come to mind immediately that most people have heard and are so beautiful they make my skin tingle: Léo Delibes’ "Viens, Mallika" (Flower Duet), used in the dreamy British Airways TV adverts, and Mozart's Sull'Aria, played over the prison PA by Andy in Shawshank Redemption. Both are soprano duets that reach for the heavens.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can vouch for:

"Skyway" the Replacements
"Apology Accepted" the Go-Betweens
"Keeping the Weekend Free" Liqorice
"You And Your Sister" Chris Bell (with Alex Chilton)

to name a few


11:45 PM  

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