Thursday, September 18, 2008

Teenage Jesus complete

When the hell am I gonna stop gabbing about Teenage Jesus? Apparently no time soon...

Along with their recent one-off reunion in NYC, Atavistic Records helps us remember the band once again. They gave us the Everything CD in 1995, which was literally all of the TJ material out there but unfortunately that went outta print. No need to worry though as they now offer up the collection Shut Up and Bleed, a sentiment that the voracious Lydia Lunch (TJ leader) would definitely approve of. Not only do get the whole TJ catalog but also some unreleased goodies, gathered up from long lost singles, EP's, compilations and of course the No New York collection, all lovingly compiled by Lunch herself.

If that ain't enough for you No Wave fanatics, you also get the full output of Lunch's next band, the short lived Beirut Slump, which lasted all of three gigs. Included here is the whole recorded output (one single) plus six other songs to go with it. All in all, a cornucopia of early Lunch.

And if you're wondering what Lunch is up to now, she's still very active in Europe, doing gigs and multi-media stage shows- if only some booker in the U.S. could get her over here to perform again...

She's also offering up a DVD collection of her work, including live shows of TJ and her later band 8 Eyed Spy plus collaborations with Birthday Party's Rowland S. Howard and Die Haut- it's called Video Hysterie, available from MVD. It's not quite the same as having her harangue you at one of her live shows but it's the closest you'll come otherwise.


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