Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Say a prayer for Porter Wagoner

Thanks to Jeff Economy for this photo of Porter and Dolly at his 50th anniversary show at the Grand Ole Opry this past spring and for the news below.

On the tour for his latest album (Wagonmaster, released earlier this year), I'd seen this country legend do a wonderful, small show at Joe's Pub with only Marty Stuart at his side. I'd also seen him open for the White Stripes earlier this year at Madison Square Garden where he received a warm welcome by the crowd.

And now, some sad news from his daughter.

I know if you clicked on messageboard,
then you have a fondness for our Wagonmaster.
For those that don't know who I am that are visiting here,
I'm Porter Wagoner's daughter.
Daddy loves his fans.
I learned at a young age how much you care about my Daddy.
With your support for over 60 years my Daddy has found friendships and love, and has been able to have a life full of sharing his love of music with you.
Thank you for making that possible.
Thank you from my Daddy and our entire family for all the prayers you've sent during the last year for Porter.
Porter was admitted to a local Nashville hospital monday morning.
Our family of Porter Cousins here have brought so much joy and love to me in getting to know each one of you.
I want to thank you for allowing me to be your lil sis and Cuz DJ to each of you.
God Bless you for loving my Daddy and me.

There'll always be music,
As long as there's a story to be told.
There'll always be music,
Cause music is the voice of the soul.

Music will live on when man and earth are gone,
there'll always be music

Thank you for your prayers for my Daddy

With love and respect,
Darlin Debra Jean


Blogger Ceptor said...

That's sad. I saw Porter at a Grand Ole Opry show that headlined Randy Travis in '90 when the Opry was at the Grand Ole Opry House. Porter was kind of a weird dude then, but a fine showman.

I think that, at the time, Porter actually lived on the Opryland grounds, adjacent to the Opry House, which was paved over in 2000 and converted to a shopping mall.

11:28 AM  

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