Monday, October 08, 2007

Richard and Linda Thompson- live again

It's not like we need a reminder of their special talents- RT's never gone away, just releasing yet another album while LT has also, having put aside her retirement from the music industry for a while now. But a new English import of two mid 70's shows (appropriately titled In Concert November 1975 on Island) shows off their chemistry that they once had as a combo (if not a married couple). Filled with RT's own songs, not to mention his astounding guitar breaks (which still sounded good when I saw him live a few months ago) and her lovely voice make, they made an incredible combination. By this time, he was half a decade gone from Fairport Convention (whose rhythm section backs them up here) and well into his own career with a solo album plus three albums with Linda (including the still-extraordinary I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight). Bits and pieces of this material have appeared as bonus tracks or got tacked onto the U.S. release of Bright Lights but here's the prime material finally out on its own. In addition to RT's alternately brooding, startling and fun-loving songs, they show off their country roots with covers of Hank Williams, Buck Owens and Jerry Lee Lewis. This also was the time just before they went into a semi-retirement for a few years (returning a few years later to make three more albums before the act and their marriage collapsed in the early 80's). So, yes it's history but you can also (morris) dance to it.


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