Monday, October 22, 2007

Village Voice- best of New York

Granted that we writers used to be a pair of initials after each entry but in the 2007 edition of the Village Voice's Best of New York issue, they've done away with byline entirely. Nowhere in the paper could I find any credits for the hundreds of entries there- not just me but also the many others who wrote there. I love writing for that issue (I collect items throughout the year for it) but I was kind of sad to see that we weren't getting any credit there in the paper.

As a way to correct, let me blow my horn for a moment and note the entries I did there. Maybe you can even enjoy some of these items.

Best Way To Honor Street Musicians - Buskers Hall of Fame

Best Transatlantic Reed Boat Dry-docked Near The Hudson - Abora III

Best Hardcore Band Led By Dogs - Caninus

Best Murder Mystery By Phone - Canal Street Station Installation

Best Place To Ogle Pregnant Women And Not Feel Bad About Yourself - Expecting Models

Best Martial-arts Comedian - Master Lee

Best Way To Impress Your Friends With Your Newfound Art Smarts - The Contemporaries

Best Multi-colored Tower That Isn't The Empire State Building - Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Clock Tower

Best Punk-comedy Cabaret Act - Puttin' on the Ritz


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