Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Klaus Schulze- an uberfan's perspective

If I was going to write a book about a certain krautrock artist who's made captivating music for decades , it would probably look something like Greg Allen's new tome Klaus Schuze- Electronic Music Legend. The book culls numerous interviews including some that Allen's done with KS himself (and one I did with him too) as well as his knowledgable long time manager Klaus D. Mueller and former associates plus reviews of KS's many albums, numerous reviews, website research and a nice batch of photos. You can call it a bit amateurish but I say it's a captivating book written by a fan for other KS fans and it does the subject proud with its attention to detail and care. I would have liked to see a few essays or think pieces about KS but otherwise, you'll be hard pressed to find a more complete look at his career. Personal favorite: an exhaustive dig through his equipment and synths that he's deplored.


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