Thursday, October 23, 2008

Julian Berntzen- lovely retro pop

If Zombies, Ben Folds, Van Dyke Parks, Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney hold some sway over you then you're in good company with Julian Berntzen 'cause he loves 'em all too. This Norwegian singer lovely a bouncy sound, massed vocals and sweeping arrangements so if that kind of retro 60's pop sounds peechy to you, this is your guy. Listen to a few tunes from his MySpace page and you'll be hooked, or see his video for "Rocket Ship Love" or see his official site for more tunes. If that wasn't enough, he put together his own little rock opera while he was working as a camp counselor. And where do you find his new album? Amazon has it in MP3 form for a mere nine bucks. A good bargain for gorgeous pop like you thought they didn't make it anymore.


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