Sunday, March 06, 2005

Mario Brothers and the Met?

Video game entering the level of classical music. Yes, it's a classical music performance covering video game music. It's either a pathetic, desperate commercial sop to drag in a younger audience that's almost non-existant in the classical world today or it's a brilliant marketing strategy to do the same. Or it's an Warhol-like moment realizing that pop culture is important enough to be taken seriously and viewed as high art. My guess is that it's probably driven by financial desperation even if it is a great marketing ploy. And yes, it definitely is a wonderful high-brow meets low-brow moment that stands to enrich both sides. Since it's such a good idea, when is it going to migrate out of San Francisco to other major and not-major cities?

And what can a recital cover next? Music from commercials? Themes from TV shows? I'm ready for it. Hope you are too.


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