Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Free tinnitus with your I-Pod & deciding what's on our own TV

Who gets to pick what we watch? Tune in
TV Watch is a counterpoint to the self-appointed public guardians in the Parents Television Council. TVW works under the commendable assumption that the tube shouldn't be constantly under the heal of religious extremists. Instead, they advocate that parents should make decisions for their children about TV and the rest of us who don't happen to be school age should have say over what we watch otherwise. TVW is accused of being a puppet of the networks- even if that's so, I'm ready to lock arms with them because this time, they're fighting the good fight. Likewise, the Future of American Media, started by Representative Maurice Hinchey, looks to also add some measure of sanity to the debates about how to best regulate (or not regulate) media.

Digital music craze stores up ear trouble for iPod fanatics
Playing with our little MP3 toys is fun until years later when we can't get that ringing out of our ears. Suggestions about the right volume level and the amount of listening time might sound wimpy now but it won't when you're having trouble hearing any sounds. As someone who used to give hearing tests, I can tell you for certain that this is no joke. If you don't believe me, see the British Campaign Against Tinnitus.


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