Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat Robertson creates a new extremist sect of Christianity?

Letter to the New York Times

Even though he didn't claim that God passed on the wisdom to him, the fact remains that Pat Robertson is a religious leader who, on a religious program, called for a murder of a head of state. Any sane person should find this deplorable but it seems that the Christian conservative groups who usually have no problem speaking on an any moral or social issue have remained strangely silent now. It's obvious that they're afraid of criticizing one of their own but in this case, this kind of rhetoric goes so much against the core of Christian beliefs that they should have no trouble in saying "we do not agree with this." They claim to be "too busy" to comment? Is this the beginning of a new sect of Christianity that ignores the Ten Commandments and advocates murder?

If memory serves, America is fighting against a brand of religious extremism in the Middle East which perverts Islam to justify killing. How can our country morally say that we are on the side of right if we have our own religious leaders perverting Christianity to justify killing?


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