Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Switchfoot- the anti-Metallica?

I can't say that I like their records but my hat's off to Switchfoot for seeing what a sham that the copy protection their label stuck on their album is. They're even taking the step to tell fans how to overcome it: Artist Suggesting Ways Around Copy Protection. Considering that they're number 3 on the Billboard charts now, this isn't an insignficant matter.

As far as I know, they're the first artists to not only raise a concern about this but to also insist their fans shouldn't have to suffer for this foolishness. I wonder if other artists will line up to do this. I also wonder if they're label is going to scold them for this. Even Springsteen let his label get away with this.

Like some people on the Slashbot message board, I do wonder if it's a ploy also but if it is, it's not only that Sony sanctions. If Lars is really as worried as he appeared to be in the Metallica move about being the most hated man in rock, maybe he should take a page from these guys about how to win back fans.


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