Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jazz and Heritage Festival 2006

Off to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival now. Was only there once before but looking forward to the warm weather, good food and lots of music (kind of like SXSW). Also wanted to be there to support the local post-Katrina economy. Like Mardi Gras, it will no doubt be scaled back but there's still a lot of music planned. I'd still like to know why Cleveland and Seattle are the ones with the huge music museums that overshadow NOLA (not to mention Memphis, Chicago).

Here's hoping that the storm season coming up won't be as bad as last year for NOLA and that it keeps coming back. If you want to keep helping that happen (and you're suspicious about recent wasteful allegations about the Red Cross), you can also do your part with The United Way
and (how do you like this for a name) the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.

And say hi to me if you're there at the Fest. I'll be the one stuffing his face with crawfish bread.


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