Monday, August 06, 2007

Beatport- one stop shop for techno needs

I've been using Beatport for a while now and it's been such a regular part of my online music surfing experience that I never remembered until now that it's something I should share here. It's a great service that lets you hear a lot of new tracks from all manner and stripe of techno genres, including drum and bass, trance, house, chill out and numerous subdivisions under each of those, totaling tens of thousands of releases. They also offer the tracks for sale and though many of them are over 99 cents, they're extended, full length tracks (many over 10 minutes), available in HIGH quality fidelity (256 kbps, which is higher than the usual 128 kbps that you're probably used to) and also non-DRM (at least what I've seen from transferring their tracks to different MP3 players and computers). You can get lost in the site, listening for hours- that's part of the fun of it. As another bonus, they're not stingy with listening samples- rather than the standard 30-seconds which would barely scratch the surface of most techno tracks, most of Beatport's samples go on for a few minutes. If that weren't enough, they also offer their own best-selling charts so you can hear what some of the hottest items out there are right now.


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