Friday, July 13, 2007

JT Ross has lots to blow about

Not too many harmonica players can stand alongside Cary Bell (as he does in this 2004 photo to the left) but JT Ross deserves to. And while he's certainly not the first to think up the title "Ross the Boss" (Ross Friedman of the Dictators at least beat him to that), he also deserves that epithet. The man does blow a mean harp and has a good drawling voice to go with it. As a bonus, he works with a really fine band including guitarist George Friend (who's got some good jazzy licks in his repertoire). While he's not really dirty in his playing, he's raw enough as you'd want a Hound Dog Taylor fan to be. A West Coast native, he's usually gigging in California so check out the link to his MySpace above plus he's got an album for sale for a meager five bucks from his website too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah - JT Ross is the undisputed Harmonica Boss ! Saw the band and they are SMOKIN ! ! !

3:38 PM  

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