Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bugulu- from New York to Peru

Winding its way from the Caribbean to New York and then filtering back down to South America, boogaloo music made more international stops than a bird migration. This '50's and '60's phenom culled not only the grooveful sounds and rhythms of Cuba but also the burgeoning rock and soul music making itself felt in the States at the same time. There's no international legends to hang the music around but one listen to Vampisoul's Gozalo! Bugulu Tropical Vol. 2 makes its own case for some great music.

The hero here is a producer named producer Manuel A. Silvestre who captured this captivating music on the local MAG label in the mid and late '60's. It's a stew of influences ranging from jazz swing (including a version of Lester Young's "Jumping With Symphony Sid") to acid rock (Pedro Miguel y sus Maracaibos's "Arroz Con Coco" sounds like Carlos Santana jamming with the Grateful Dead). In between, you get get sweet and smooth vocals, mambo rhythms and blaring trumpets. While much old-time international music sounds like a cute novelty to our foreign ears, this is a wonderful fusion of styles that easily transcends that type of mentality. You'll be hard pressed to find a more joyous (and sweet) collection of music this year.


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