Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Manuel Göttsching coming to America

Yes, it's true... the Krautrock legend (Ash Ra Tempel) will perform in the States for the first time ever. Here's the details from his MySpace site.

New York, August 15 (Friday), 9 pm, Damrosch Park @ Lincoln Center, as "closing ceremony" of Worldless Music: US-premiere of E2-E4

Philadelphia, August 16 (Saturday), 8 pm, Church Sanctuary of St. Mary's Hamilton Village, located on the campus of the Universtiy of Pennsylvania: DIE MULDE & GREATEST HITS released under MG's name but also under the name of Ash Ra Tempel & Ashra

New York, August 17 (Sunday) midnight: Surprise Concert; location to be announced soon...

For those who would like to learn more about how all started, there is a myspace site (made by fans) dedicated to MG's early work with the band but also as soloist performing under the name of ASH RA TEMPEL or ASHRA. Check it out at: www.myspace. com/ashratempel

And those who want to know it all, check MG out at: or visit his official myspace site to meet his friends worldwide.


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