Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gene Vincent rocks Belgium

The year was 1963, just as a Liverpool quartet were set to take over the world and one of their heroes was still going strong, having just moved to the UK. Vincent toured with a raucous French quartet called the Sunlights. Here's two highlights of a show they did in Belgium. Note that Vincent comes out on crutches (the result of a 1960 UK car crash that killed Eddie Cochran) and quickly kicks 'em away. Even with his limited mobility, Vincent still projects authority and the band ain't exactly napping as they occasionally roll around the stage. It makes you wish you could have seen the rest of the show.

For the end of the first clip and the intro to the 2nd clip, my French is too rusty to tell you what they're saying. Can anyone out there translate some of this? It's also pretty cute when Vincent tells the crowd "merci beaucoup" at the end of the 2nd clip.


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