Thursday, October 02, 2008

Talkin' Dylan bootlegs

Seems that it's still a good time to be a Dylan fan. Not only is his label about to release another set of unreleased material but you don't even have to wait until next week to hear it. NPR is kindly putting the material online so you can stream both CD's right now from their website.

Not enough for you? Man, you're greedy... Well, you're in luck because Amazon is also offering up this nice, low-key video with Harry Dean Stanton for "Dreamin' of You."

His later-day catalog does deserve the treatment and not just his heralded trio of albums that he's put out in the last several years but also Oh Mercy and World Gone Wrong, not to mention some live cuts thrown in too. Not too many 60's figures have help up as well as he has and who have such an impressive stash of alternate/unreleased material.


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