Friday, March 06, 2009

Creation Records biopic

I got this note from a UK film company and wanted to pass this along to music fans out there about a Creation Records bio-pic that's been worked on, not just to whet your appetite for this project but to also see if you can help out and be involved in this.

There's contact info below and a list of bands involved. Sounds like it'll be a corker, eh?

"We are working on a documentary feature film - it's called 'Upside Down: The Story of Creation Records' and is being made with the full authorisation of Alan McGee who ran it, & other people from the label, both artists and behind the scenes. The label housed an influential roster of bands which epitomized British independent music for almost twenty years from 1983 - 1999."

"We're trying to find as much (preferably previously unseen) archive material as possible: footage, photographs, fliers, cuttings, scrapbook excerpts and drawings and I wondered if you have any material? Or perhaps you know someone who is a collector or fan who I might be able to get in touch with? If so I'd be very keen to hear back from you. I've attached a list of the Creation bands at the bottom of this email if you have a moment to look through it - not many of the bands were enormous in the States but some of them had a significant following. Thanks very much!"

Best regards
Sam Dwyer
Document Films

My Bloody Valentine
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Primal Scream
Super Furry Animals
Teenage Fanclub
The House of Love
Saint Etienne
The Boo Radleys
The Weather Prophets
BMX Bandits
The Membranes
Biff Bang Pow!
18 Wheeler
The Jazz Butcher
Ultra Living
3 Colours Red
Slaughter Joe
The Telescopes


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