Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Last night as I went through the security line, a guard saw my camera and told me "the artist (presumably Chrissie) said that no photos will be allowed and the show will be stopped if pictures are taken." I thought that this would be an interesting challenge for a shutter-bug like me but I also didn't want to risk shutting down a show 'cause I needed a snap. I did joke with my friend Reuben that if they started playing ballads, the camera would come out, security be damned.

As the great band (especially guitarist James Walbourne and faithful drummer Martin Chambers) went through their early hits, I did see some cell phones come out to snap pics and the security guards shined lights on the perps to not only to call 'em out and embarrass 'em but to also mess up their photos.  It worked pretty well as most people thought the better of taking pics- then again, this was an older crowd who weren't as likely to need phone pics.

Admittedly, I found a perch behind one of the columns away from the guard's view so I could snap one of the photos below but for the last encore song ("Precious"), CH told the crowd, 'if you're gonna take a photo, you might as well do it now!' and plenty of people obliged.  Of course, bringing out tennis legend and guitarist John McEnroe helped to egg us on pretty well.

CH looked great during the show too, sporting a t-shirt that said 'I'm sexy and I know it.'  That kind of bravado is why we'll also love her after all.  And she's right too.

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