Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gram Parsons/Burritos- live again

Just like jazz fusion, country-rock fusion got a bad rep when it became watered down mush that didn't do any justice to either genre that fed into it. But early on, there were sincere practitioners and pioneers like a certain legendary deceased star who was briefly a Byrd and then a Burrito (and a Submarine commander before that). Like other long-gone legends, Gram Parsons' rep is built on a handful of albums so any archival release is usually big news. An upcoming live double CD of the Flying Burrito Brothers will get its ink and screen space by the time it comes out in November but in the meantime, the nice people at Amoeba are offering a free taste of the album- you can download "Long Black Limousine" from the above link now.


Blogger sahmfan said...

Hey -- have you heard anything about a Gram Parsons tribute concert happening in Worcester, MA in early November (I think November 3rd)? I keep hearing about it, but can't find anything online. I heard it has something to do with Gene Clark also.
Know anything? Thanks.

3:32 PM  

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