Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Perfect Sound Forever- April/May 09 issue now out

In the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever, you'll find (among other things):

Worshipping hacked video game tunes
"This was the site of Blip Festival ‘08, New York City's annual celebration of chiptune music. From December 4-7, artists and fans from around the world gathered to revel in the turbo-tempo, seizure-inducing sights and sounds of hacked video game consoles. Ary Warnaar, guitarist and Game Boy programmer for Anamanaguchi, explained that these programs are called 'vertical sequencers' and are a fundamental composition tool for chiptune artists.."

Improv guitar & web visionary
"It became obvious that you didn't really need to have a song all prepared in order to play this really cool stuff, in fact I liked that part better than the real song. So after a while, I started thinking, well, what if we had a band that only did this? And everyone thought it was kind of ridiculous. But I knew it was possible and I knew it was fun."

Turntablism and vinyl culture
"This is the first in a series of columns on the current state of turntablists in the music scene. While the underground music fans that make up most of PSF's readership don't need an introduction to this kind of music, the audiophiles who specifically follow this column might. I'm starting with the first artist who truly took me by surprise, Portland's own Jon Ragel. Jon performs under the name Boy Eats Drum Machine, and he's a virtual one man band on stage..."

A real underground community
"There is still a refreshing disregard for using others' rulebooks to communicate highly personal experience, which has manifested itself not just in the sound, but also in methods of musical distribution, releasing and broadcast. This is especially evident since the early '80's, when a parallel independent infrastructure of ‘cassette labels’ and pirate transmitter was built up by a few intrepid spirits to accommodate a rising wave of hungry musicians..."

Country blues remembered
"Collins was near forty when he first recorded, and seems to have come from the "songster" tradition. In addition to blues, he would have known hymns, ballads, novelty songs, even hillbilly tunes. Songsters were the human jukeboxes of the turn of the twentieth century. Collins clearly knew tent show and vaudeville type songs, as well..."

From Kingsmens' "Louie Louie" to producing the Stooges' "Funhouse"
"By 1970, he had been a member of the Kingsman (heard on the classic recording of "Louie, Louie"); the leader of Don & the Goodtimes, a popular NW band; the leader of the TV house band for Where The Action Is; and, most importantly, the creative force behind (prog rock pioneers) Touch.... and then soon found himself the house producer for Elektra Records and handed the assignment of producing The Stooges' second album."

"The main argument I'm making isn't that jazz was killed by some bogey-man, like the record industry or Wynton's neo-classicism. Rather, as a musical public, we deprived the music of what it needs ­ a supportive critical audience. The shift can be seen in how major cultural institutions preferred classical jazz more than the rumblings of the loft scene. Rather, phenomena like neo-classicism are symptoms of our culture, not causes of it. But you know what? I'm not bitter. It's OK that jazz is dead. Really, it is."

The story of "Honky Tonk Heroes"
"On the face of it, the story sounds apocryphal. An unknown songwriter named Billy Joe Shavers is hanging out pulling guitars with friends when a country music legend, Waylon Jennings, hears him singing and announces on the spot that he wants to make an entire album of Shavers's songs. The record that finally gets made is an enormous hit, and signals a sea-change in the way albums get made in Nashville."

South African cult songwriter
"It's hardly a unique phenomenon. Every country, and probably every region, has similar tales to tell about its unsung local heroes. But the fact that South African songwriter Syd Kitchen is not better known, not least among his own countrymen, seems particularly unfortunate, not only for Kitchen and his prospects of a comfortable retirement one day, but for the general musical well-being of those under whose radar he constantly flies as well."

A great new country voice
"Marince has opened concerts for such singers as Lonestar and Gretchan Wilson, Tricia Yearwood, Taylor Swift and Jake Owens. Sarah was also invited to perform at the South by Southwest Music (SXSW) Festival. There she opened for Rachel Fuller and Pete Townsend. Sarah has a beautiful voice, so it was no surprise that she was offered these invitations to open for these shows and probably why she also sings The National Anthem regularly at the Pittsburg Steeler, Pirates and Penguins games."

Soft, indie, lyrical pop
"Taking a leaf out the Ting Tings and Alphabeats books, The Narrative is fronted by a female and male lead singer; Suzie Zeldin and Jesse Gabriel. This band gives us something a bit different however as their soft vocals complement each other by harmonizing on each track. They step out of the current indie stereotype by using slow drum beats, pianos and deep, almost-emo lyrics"

Ska trombone
"After more than 50 years in the music business as a session musician, soloist and as a recording artiste in his own right, Rico Rodriguez has been a powerful influence on numerous musicians and singers on both sides of the atlantic, and continues to embody the unconquerable human spirit."

Psychedelic guitar- Acid King of New England
"Rogers is a true maverick, and someday he will be recognized for the pioneering homemade stuff he has been doing since he formed Crystalized Movements in the late seventies. For decades, Rogers has been experimenting with song formats, integrating both the instrumental freakouts that make up most contemporary psychedelic music and the folky noise hybrids associated with the free-folk movement."

Talks about her bio-pic
"... celebrity photographer Steven Sebring met Smith during a photo shoot and was intrigued. He knew little about her as a rock celebrity, but when he found out about her work as a musician, poet, and painter, and got to know her family, he decided to make a film about her... Smith took some time recently to share her feelings about it and what it was like to allow elements of her very private life to be preserved on film."

Friday, March 27, 2009

Louisiana Red schaukelt das haus

His homepage bio is long on superlatives and short on details but when you have music as good as Louisiana Red's, that might not matter too much. What you do find out there shows quite a life though. The 77-year-old bluesman was born in Alabama and lost his mom a week after he was born and experienced the horror of having his father murdered by the Klan before he was 10. Though he lost his wife to cancer when he was 40, his luck turned around three years later when he got to play the Montreaux Festival as well as jam with B.B. King and Muddy Waters. During the 80's, his life really picked up as he remarried, move to Germany (my title here is a bad translation of 'rocks the house') and received a WC Handy award. He's been touring extensively since then, recently completing a tour of Africa and Europe.

His latest album, Back to the Black Bayou (on Ruf Records), is a beaut too. He's got Chicago blues going strong here, even sounding fine when his voice is bathed in echo and distortion for that ol' timey effect. Just listen to the start/stop groove of "Alabama Train," the screaming slide on "Crime In Motion," the infectious swing of "Ride On Red, Ride On," the sweaty, low-down blues of "Sweet Leg Girl" and the minimal Wolf-like stomp of "The Black Bayou." And that's just the first half. He makes it sound so easy that you wonder why there aren't more great modern blues records like this.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SXSW 09 finds

SXSW gives you some nice opportunities to reconnect with old favorites- great sets from the recently reunited That Petrol Emotion (aka the band after the Undertones), Trail of Dead, Echo and the Bunnymen (sorry I missed Devo, not so Metallica). It's also a good opportunity to find out about new bands and one of the most promising ones I heard there was an Aussie duo called An Horse.

No, it ain't proper grammar and it's kinda awkward to say "I like An Horse's new album" or "I'm going to see An Horse." But that doesn't matter because Kate Cooper and Damon Cox make such catchy indie rock that you'd wonder why aren't more well known (even if they have appeared on Letterman).

Other SXSW good acts that deserve more recognition:

Rye Rye- 18-year-old M.I.A. protege, this Baltimore rapper's quick tongue matches a voice that's simultaneously kiddie and bitchy.

Dananananaykroyd- part of the Glasgow showcase at the festival, how can you not love a band whose name combines Bananarama and half of the Blues Brothers? Their crazed good time music ought to appeal to fans of Archeciture in Helsinki and Los Campesinos!

Micachu and the Shapes- I have a Spin review coming up about them so I'll just add for now that they're definitely talked-up, up-and-comers with skewed songcraft and daft beats.

Melissa McClelland- wonderful alt-country singer with a calm smokey voice plus a band that can rock out nicely when they wanna.

Hyperpotamus- bizarre Spaniard who multi-tracks his vocals into an accapella band.

Special Thanks- I first thought this Japanese band led by some sweet femme vocals was power pop but they're really just a great mall punk band (which ain't an insult, especially coming from a Green Day fan).

Dirtblonde- sad to say, their showcase set of this UK duo with a drum machine was painfully brief (20 minutes??) but the part that I did catch was great, catchy drone rock. Hope they come back soon and do longer sets.

the Knux- this New Orleans/L.A. rap duo easily did one of the best sets I saw at the festival. It wasn't just their enthusiasm or working the crowd well, it's also their damn catchy songs which recall vintage Outkast.

Titus Andronicus- my favorite release of this year is the reissue (from '08) of the debut from these boozy college boys. They slur, shout and wax poetic, part Replacements, part Pogues. Their excitable live show adds to their sweaty furry too. Sing a long now: "Your life is over! Your life is over!"

Monday, March 16, 2009

SXSW 09 schedule

So here tis again... As usual, take the descriptions with several grains of salt but hopefully this'll provide you with a decent guide about what SXSW has to offer or at least all the good bands I found after listening to 100's of 'em. You'll notice some favorites that I'm trying to catch whenver I can too. Schedules subject to change so check the SXSW music site itself for details.

Wednesday, March 18th

07:45 PM
Brett Koshkin (DJ) at Mohawk Patio

08:00 PM
Cary Swinney (funny alt-country) at Momo's
Champagne Champagne (underground rap) at Red Eyed Fly
Hot Club of Cowtown (western swing) at The Ale House
Janelle Monae (R&B/soul) at Stubb's
Rye Rye (teen hip hop) at La Zona Rosa

08:10 PM
Restiform Bodies (indie hip hop) at Mohawk

08:45 PM
Damian Lazarus (techno) at La Zona Rosa

09:00 PM
Lost Bayou Ramblers (zydeco) at The Ranch
M Ward (singer/songwriter/alt-country) at Central Presbyterian Church
Natccu (Japanese rock) at The Parish Downstairs
Redd Volkaert (Americana) at Antone's
Tera Melos (math rock) at The Music Gym
The Moaners (blues/rock) at Mother Egan's

09:30 PM
Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer (glam/girl group) at Maggie Mae's

10:00 PM
Aun (industrial/ambient) at The Music Gym
Bruce Robison (alt-country) at Antone's *
Circle Jerks (classic L.A. punk) at Emo's Main Room
Cotton Jones (odd pop/alt-country) at Red Eyed Fly
Port O'Brien (folk/alt country) at Buffalo Billiards
The Lee Boys (R&B/rock) at Smokin' Music *
The Service Industry (indie rock/alt-country) at Submerged

10:20 PM
Blu (indie rap) at Back Alley Social

10:30 PM
Girl in a Coma (femme indie rock) at Maggie Mae's

11:00 PM
1001 Nights Orchestra (gypsy) at Copa
Bomba Estereo (Columbian hip-hop) at Speakeasy *
Chris Smither (folkie/singer/songwriter) at The Velveeta Room
Cosmopolitan (Mexican industrial/techno) at Habana Bar Backyard
Grant Hart (ex Husker Du) at Aces Lounge
Hot Lava (shoegaze/girl group) at The Tap Room at Six *
Lovvers (UK punk) at Red 7 Patio
Round Table Knights (techno) at Barcelona
Ruby Coast (indie pop) at BD Riley's
The Cynics (garage/punk) at Habana Calle 6
The Grates (indie rock) at Radio Room
The Travelin' McCourys (bluegrass) at Smokin' Music
Those Darlins (honky tonk) at Club de Ville

11:30 PM
Dananananaykroyd (indie pop/rock) at Dirty Dog Bar
Deadmau5 (techno) at La Zona Rosa
Shellshag (punk) at Habana Bar

11:45 PM
Glasvegas (shoegaze) at Vice

12:00 AM
An Horse (indie rock) at Maggie Mae's Rooftop
Black Cock (indie rock/glam) at Room 710
Camera Obscura (indie pop) at Central Presbyterian Church
Carolyn Wonderland (blues rock) at Antone's
Eilen Jewell (folk rock/country) at The Velveeta Room *
Hoots and Hellmouth (alt country) at The Ale House
Jim Stringer (honky tonk) at Smokin' Music
La Pupuna (Latin rock/salsa) at Club 115
Outrageous Cherry (psych rock) at Headhunters
Phosphorescent (indie rock/alt country) at Club de Ville
Sky Larkin (indie rock) at Red 7 Patio
The Decemberists (indie rock) at Stubb's
The May Fire (drone rock) at Habana Bar Backyard
The So So Glos (punk) at The Music Gym Patio *
The Wong Boys (Danish dance rock) at Barcelona *

12:30 AM
Brother Ali (indie rap) at Back Alley Social
Echo and The Bunnymen (post punk) at Emo's Main Room
Gary Louris & Mark Olson (alt country) at Victorian Room at The Driskill

01:00 AM
Bavu Blakes & the Extra Plairs (indie rap) at Mohawk Patio
Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters (rockabilly) at Smokin' Music
Gary Clark Jr (R&B/soul) at Continental Club
Los Fancy Free (garage rock) at Habana Bar Backyard
The Silos (indie rock) at The Ale House
Themselves (indie rap) at Mohawk

01:15 AM
Grouch & Eligh (indie rap) at Back Alley Social

Thursday, March 19th

Golem at Speakeasy

12:45 PM
Brimstone Howl at Trailer Space Records

1:40 PM
Mae Shi at Monofonus Studios

2:00 PM
Busdriver at Birds Barbershop (2210 S. Lamar Blvd)
Abe Vigoda at Urban Outfiters (2406 Guadulope)

3:00 PM
King Kahn at Birds Barbershop (2210 S. Lamar Blvd)

03:30 PM
Justin Townes Earle (alt country) at SESAC Day Stage Cafe Austin Convention Center
Glasvegas at Mohawk Patio

Micachu and the Shapes (indie pop/techno)
Malverde, 400B W. 2nd Street, Corner of Guadalupe

04:00 PM
Amy LaVere (alt country) at SESAC Day Stage Cafe Austin Convention Center
Hot Lava at Black Fontanelle (5615 Jim Hogg Ave)
Titus Andronicus at Urban Outfiters (2406 Guadulope)

4:15 PM
Jon Langford/Rosie Flories at Lovejoys (604 Neches)

05:00 PM
Daniel Johnston at Studio SX - Austin Convention Center

5:30 PM
Melissa McClelland (dreamy alt country) at SESAC Day Stage Cafe Austin Convention Center *
The Grates at Peckerhead's at 6th
Asobi Seksu at Scoot Inn
Cute Lepers at Breakaway Records

6:30 PM
Willowz at Trailer Space Records

07:00 PM
Elastic Band (psych pop) at Esther's Follies *
Handsome Family at Jo's Coffee on S. Congress

Tricky (trip hop) at The Levi's®/FADER FORT
1101 E. 5th Street between San Marcos & Waller

07:45 PM
Birthday Suits (indie/drone rock) at Headhunters

08:00 PM
Clemits (indie rap) at Karma Lounge
Doug Sahm Tribute feat. Shawn Sahm, Gourds, Dave Alvin, Jimmie Vaughan, Sarah Borges, and more at Antone's
Micachu (fractured indie pop/techno) at Emo's Annex
Ninjasonik (funny rap/techno) at Beauty Bar
No Age (noise rock) at Radio Room Patio
Pato Fu (Brazil rock) at Momo's
Plain Ole Bill (DJ) at Habana Bar Backyard
The Golden Arm Trio Does DUKE! (jazz/techno) at Elephant Room

08:20 PM
Gabriella Cilmi (Aussie pop singer) at La Zona Rosa

08:30 PM
Anya Marina (sweet pop/folkie) at The Parish
Grizzly Bear (indie pop) at Central Presbyterian Church

09:00 PM
Choo Choo (tense new wave) at BD Riley's
Death is not a joyride. (exp indie rock) at Wave
Descartes A Kant (post-post-punk) at The Tap Room at Six
Foot Patrol (comedy rock) at Prague
Howe Gelb (alt country/Giant Sand) at Continental Club
Meat Puppets (indie rock/punk gods) at Stubb's

09:15 PM
Brimstone Howl (psych/garage rock) at Headhunters

09:30 PM
Mark Sultan (garage rock/R&B) at Radio Room *
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down (sweet indie pop) at The Parish
The Death Set (electro-rock/rap) at Beauty Bar

09:35 PM
The Soft Pack (indie rock/Brit pop fr. Cali) at Opal Divine's Freehouse

09:40 PM
Phosphorescent (alt country/indie rock) at Mohawk Patio

10:00 PM
Crystal Stilts (shoegaze) at Red 7 Patio
CYNE (indie rap) at Habana Bar
DADDY (Will Kimbrough & Tommy Womack) (alt country) at Mother Egan's
Guy Davis (blues) at Victorian Room at The Driskill
Hatcham Social (Brit pop) at Latitude 30
Melissa McClelland (dreamy alt country) at The Velveeta Room
N.A.S.A. (international DJ's) at Emo's Annex
SambaDa (Afro-Brazil funk) at Copa
The Thermals (polemic indie rock) at Red Eyed Fly

10:10 PM
Foreign Legion (Cali indie rap) at Back Alley Social

10:15 PM
Psychedelic Horseshit (sloppy indie rock) at Soho Lounge

10:30 PM
The Homosexuals (post punk) at Emo's Jr

10:45 PM
Da C.O.D. (hard/gangsta indie rap) at Fuze

11:00 PM
Andrew Bird (indie pop/folk) at Stubb's
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip (UK rap) at Aces Lounge
Emily Wells (indie pop/classical) at Buffalo Billiards
Flower Travellin' Band (Japanese psych) at Smokin' Music
Hyperpotamus (accapella exp pop) at The Hideout *
Jaakko & Jay (indie rock/folk) at Maggie Mae's Rooftop
John Forte (R&B) at Scoot Inn
Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band (garage rock) at Submerged
Two Hours Traffic (power pop) at El Sol y La Luna

11:15 PM
AwkQuarius (rap/R&B) at Back Alley Social
P.O.S. (indie rap) at Habana Bar Backyard

11:30 PM
Arts the Beatdoctor (languid, jazzy rap) at Karma Lounge

11:45 PM
Sandwitch (Ron House from Great Plains) at The Music Gym

12:00 AM
Abe Vigoda (shoegaze/math rock) at Red 7
Blitzen Trapper (indie rock/jam band) at Radio Room Patio
Brother Ali (indie rap) at Habana Bar Backyard
Busdriver (indie rap) at The Independent
Dave Alvin (alt country) with Special Guests: A Tribute To Chris Gaffney at Continental Club
Drink Up Buttercup (indie rock/cabaret) at Rusty Spurs
King Khan & the Shrines (garage rock) at El Sol y La Luna
Little Boots (dance pop) at Emo's Annex
PowerSolo (funny retro rock) at Submerged
Rosalie Sorrels (folk) at Victorian Room at The Driskill
Rye Rye (teen rap) at Aces Lounge
The Savage Trip (alt country) at Lamberts
The Tallest Man On Earth (folk rock) at Buffalo Billiards
So So Glo's at Ms. Bea's 1104 E. 6th St. @ Medina St.

12:05 AM
Wavves (indie rock/shoegaze) at The Music Gym Patio

12:10 AM
Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek, indie rap) at Scoot Inn

12:30 AM
Pretty & Nice (poppy indie rock) at Radio Room *
Primal Scream (drone rock/Brit pop) at Cedar Street Courtyard

12:40 AM
Big Boi (from Outkast) at Austin Music Hall

12:50 AM
Steel Panther (funny metal act) at La Zona Rosa

01:00 AM
Bar-Kays (R&B) at Dirty Dog Bar
Bearsuit (indie rock/new wave) at Rusty Spurs
Benjy Ferree (poppy indie rock) at Buffalo Billiards
Benny Gallagher (folk) at Stephen F's Bar
Blu (jazzy rap) at The Independent
Chiwoniso (Zimbabwe singer) at Copa
Harlem Shakes (poppy indie rock) at Red 7 Patio
Jaguar Love (emo/indie rock) at Cedar Door
Kid Cudi (smart indie rap) at Aces Lounge *
Mika Miko (punk/noise rock) at Red 7 *
Moth!Fight! (psych pop) at Wave *
Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles (alt country/rock) at Mother Egan's
That Petrol Emotion (post punk) at Elysium
The Gourds (funny roots band) at Continental Club
The Wrens (indie rock/pop) at Prague

01:30 AM
BK One (DJ) at Habana Bar Backyard

Friday, March 20th

02:00 PM
The Uglysuit (poppy indie rock) at SESAC Day Stage Cafe Austin Convention Center
The Mae Shi [Outside] Habana Calle 6 Annex
Gabriella Cilmi at Brush Square Park (5th/Neches)- Great Aussie BBQ
Age Vigoda at Urban Outfitters (2406 Guadalupe Street)

02:15 PM
So So Glos at Monkeywrench Books (110 E. North Loop Blvd.)

02:30 PM
Hoots and Hellmouth at SESAC Day Stage Cafe Austin Convention Center

2:45 PM
Exene Cervenka at Yard Dog (1510 S. Congress)

3:00 PM
The Handsome Family at Fran's Hamburgers (1822 S. Congress)

3:30 PM
Wavves at Emo's
Deadstring Brothers at Yard Dog (1510 S. Congress)
Ettes at The Tap Room at Six Lounge

3:50 PM
Micachu at Malverde (400-B W. 2nd St/Guadalupe)

4:00 PM
Ettes at The Tap Room at Six
Jason Lytle at Flamingo Cantina

Hold Steady at Club Deville
Titus Andronicus at Red Eyed Fly
King Kahn at Emo's
Soft Pack at Club 1808

4:40 PM
Mae Shi at Malverde (400-B W. 2nd St/Guadalupe)

4:45 PM
Justin Townes Earle at Yard Dog (1510 S. Congress)

5:00 PM
Camera Obsucra (indie pop) at Flamingo Cantina
Finally Punk at Club 1808 (1808 E. 12th)
Titus Andronicus at Complete Clothing (106 E. 8th)
Trail of Dead at Radio Room 507 E. 6th

5:30 PM
The Grates at Peckerheads (402 E. 6th Street)
Mae Shi at Red House Pizzeria (1917 Manor Rd)

5:45 PM
Dressy Bessy at Jackalope (404 E. 6th)
Waco Bros with Rosie Flores at Yard Dog (1510 S. Congress)

6:00 PM
Brimstone Howl at SpiderHouse Cafe (2908 Fruth)
Brother Ali's at Peckerhead's at 6th

07:00 PM
The Excels (garage/R&B) at Continental Club

08:00 PM
Alash (Tuvan folk/throat singing) at Copa
BO-PEEP (Japanese garage rock/punk) at Lamberts
Common Loon (indie/noise rock/shoegaze) at Habana Calle 6 Patio
Damian Lazarus (techno) at Speakeasy Kabaret
Don Yojan & La Frescura (Latin rock/R&B/rap) at Fuze
Hamell On Trial (funny cabaret rock) at Soho Lounge
The High Dials (psych rock) at Red Eyed Fly
The Sonics (garage rock) at Emo's Main Room
XYX (garage/punk) at Spiro's
Heybale (honky tonk) at Maria's Taco Xpress (2529 S. Lamar)

08:15 PM
Floyd Dakil Combo (rock and roll) at Continental Club
Sam Amidon (folk) at 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn

08:20 PM
Manhattan Love Suicides (shoegaze/drone rock) at Karma Lounge

08:30 PM
Dananananaykroyd (indie pop/rock) at La Zona Rosa

08:40 PM
Alex Koll (comedy) at The Velveeta Room
Huelyn Duvall (rock and roll) at Continental Club
Yuppies (noise rock) at Headhunters

09:00 PM
Igudesman & Joo (classical comedy) at St David's Church
La Pupuna (Latin rock/salsa) at Copa
Little Thief (indie rock/Brit pop) at Lamberts
Magic Christian (psych/garage rock) at Red Eyed Fly
More Or Les (indie rap) at The Music Gym Patio
Stardeath and White Dwarfs (funny indie rock/dance) at Austin Music Hall
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down (sweet indie pop) at Momo's
The Uglysuit (poppy indie rock) at Flamingo Cantina

09:05 PM
Classie Ballou (zydeco) at Continental Club

09:30 PM
Camera Obscura (indie pop) at La Zona Rosa
Wildchild (indie rap) at Back Alley Social

09:35 PM
Little Joe Washington (blues/R&B) at Continental Club

09:40 PM
Janeane Garofalo (comedy) at The Velveeta Room

10:00 PM
Ducktails (shoegaze/psych) at The Hideout
Mi Ami (noise rock/post-post-punk) at Flamingo Cantina
Scissors for Lefty (indie rock) at Wave Rooftop
The Ettes (grrl punk) at Mohawk Patio *

10:20 PM
Barbara Lynn (R&B) at Continental Club

10:30 PM
Radio 4 (post post-punk) at Mohawk

10:45 PM
The Cute Lepers (mall punk) at Red 7 Patio

11:00 PM
Ali Eskandarian (folk) at Stephen F's Bar
Chiwoniso (Zimbabwe singer) at Copa
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (ex Drive By Truckers) at Habana Bar Backyard
Jon Langford And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts (alt country) at Momo's
OVENS (math rock/noise) at Spiro's
P.O.S. (indie rap) at Buffalo Billiards
Takka Takka (poppy indie rock) at The Independent
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (shoegaze/indie rock) at Emo's Jr
The Soft Pack (indie rock/Brit pop fr. Cali) at Mohawk Patio
Tittsworth (techno remixer) at Beauty Bar
Tricky (trip hop) at Austin Music Hall

11:15 PM
MC Frontalot (indie rap) at Prague

11:20 PM
Bo-Keys (soul/R&B) at Continental Club

11:30 PM
Glasvegas (shoegaze) at La Zona Rosa

11:45 PM
Grizzly Bear (indie pop) at Cedar Street Courtyard
Marco Benevento Trio (jazz/rock/techno) at Elephant Room

11:50 PM
Paul "Lil Buck" Senegal (blues) at Continental Club

12:00 AM
Cause Co-Motion! (noise/indie rock) at Emo's Jr
DEVO (are they not men?) at Austin Music Hall
Gary Louris & Mark Olson (alt country) at Momo's
Ian McLagan & the Bump Band (roots rock) at Mother Egan's
Kittens Ablaze (majestic indie rock) at Wave
Lady Sovereign (UK rap/techno) at Club de Ville
The Hold Steady (NY's smartest bar band) at Mohawk Patio
The Willowz (garage rock) at The Parish Downstairs
Tim Easton (folk/pop/roots) at Habana Bar Backyard

12:10 AM
Lord T and Eloise (Dirty south rap) at Prague

12:15 AM
Teenage Bottlerocket (mall punk) at Red 7 Patio

12:20 AM
DJ Shadow (exclusive DJ set) at Stubb's
Roy Head (rock/R&B) at Continental Club

12:30 AM
New York Dolls (David Jo, Sylvain & friends) at Smokin' Music
Todd Barry (comedy) at Esther's Follies

12:45 AM
Dinosaur Jr (alt-rock legends) at Cedar Street Courtyard
Primal Scream (drone rock/Brit pop) at La Zona Rosa

01:00 AM
Amy LaVere (alt country) at Habana Calle 6
Asobi Seksu (indie pop/shoegaze) at Habana Calle 6 Patio
Crystal Stilts (shoegaze) at Emo's Jr
Gary Clark Jr (R&B/soul) at Maggie Mae's Gibson Room
Gunslingers (punk/noise) at Spiro's Amphitheater
Jason Lytle (ex-Grandaddy) at Central Presbyterian Church
Kid Sister (femme rap) at Club de Ville
King Khan & the Shrines (garage rock) at Emo's Main Room
Magic Lantern (psych/doom rock) at The Hideout
MC Lars (funny rap) at Prague
Mr Lif (indie rap) at Pangaea
NOMO (Afro-beat/techno) at Antone's
Okkervil River (indie folk-rock) at The Parish
Palomar (drone rock/indie rock) at The Tap Room at Six
Semi Precious Weapons (funny glam rock) at Rusty Spurs
The Chesterfield Kings (garage rock) at Red Eyed Fly
The Morning Benders (poppy indie rock) at Wave Rooftop

01:05 AM
Silver Apples (psych rock) at Continental Club

01:15 AM
Busdriver (fast-talking indie rap) at Back Alley Social

Saturday, March 21st

Jad Fair at Yard Dog Gallery 1510 S. Congress Ave

12:00 PM
Manhattan Love Suicides (shoegaze/drone rock) at SESAC Day Stage Cafe Austin Convention Center
So So Glo's at Ms. Bea's (1104 E. 6th St)
Finally Punk at Domy Books (913 E. Cesar Chavez)
Gravy Train at Radio Room 508 E. 6th

1:00 PM
Jason Lytle at Mohawk
Amy LaVere at Jo's Coffee, 1300 S. Congress Ave

01:30 PM
Natccu (Japanese rock) at SESAC Day Stage Cafe Austin Convention Center

2:00 PM
Exene Cervenka at Jovita's (1617 S. First St)

2:15 PM
Howe Gelb at Longbranch Inn 1133 E. 11th

2:20 PM
Jason Lytle at Waterloo Park (Stage 2)

2:25 PM
King Kahn at Waterloo Park (Stage 1)

2:30 PM
Mae Shi at Ms. Bea's
Grates at Club DeVille
Asobi Sesku at Cedar Street Courtyard

2:35 PM
James McMurty at Continental Club

2:55 PM
Mika Miko at Domy Books (913 E. Cesar Chavez)

Rye Rye at Urban Outfitters Party
Silos at Yard Dog Gallery 1510 S. Congress Ave

Abe Vigoda at Waterloo Park (Stage 2)

3:30 PM
No Age at Domy Books (913 E. Cesar Chavez)
Grates at Club Deville

3:35 PM
Thao at Waterloo Park (Stage 1)

3:45 PM
Deano Waco with Meat Purveyors members at Yard Dog Gallery 1510 S. Congress Ave

4:00 PM
Jo Carol Pierce (funny Texas singer/songwriter) at Opal Divine's
New York Dolls at Rachel Ray- Maggie May's (time approx?)
Cause Co-Motion at Waterloo Records

4:05 PM
Mae Shi at Domy Books (913 E. Cesar Chavez)

4:30 PM
Jon Langford at Yard Dog Gallery 1510 S. Congress Ave
Hold Steady at Rachel Ray- Maggie May's
King Kahn at Peckerheads at 6th (402 E. 6th)

05:00 PM
Echo and The Bunnymen at SXSW Live (The Bat Bar) Austin Convention Center
Magic Christian at Antone's
King Kahn at Peckerheads on 6th
Camera Obscura at Mohawk
The Knux at Waterloo Records
Izza Kizza at Scoot Inn
Rye Rye at Cedar Street Courtyard (208 West 4th)
Golem at Copa Patio (217 Congress)
Lady Sovereign at Peckerheads at 6th (402 E. 6th)

5:15 PM
Jason Lytle at Home Slice (1415 S. Congress)

5:20 PM
Mojo Nixon at Continental Club

Lady Sovereign at Peckerheads on 6th

6:00 PM
Pretty and Nice at The Victory Grill 1104 E. 11th Street
Grates at Red House Pizzeria
Amy LaVere at Threadgill's

Soft Pack at Waterloo Park (Stage 2)
Grates at Red House Pizzeria (1917 Manor Rd)

Dressy Bessy at The Victory Grill 1104 E. 11th Street

08:00 PM
DJ Jester the Filipino Fist at Scoot Inn
Exene Cervenka (X singer) at Red Eyed Fly
Explosions in the Sky (post rock) at Auditorium Shores Stage (Lady Bird Lake)
Innercity Pirates (funny indie rock) at Volume
My Federation (indie rock/garage) at Latitude 30 *
Rachel Goodrich (sweet folk/pop) at The Ale House
Telekinesis (indie pop/rock) at The Parish *
The Magic Kids (psych pop) at Red 7
The Shitsez (indie rock/rap) at Buffalo Billiards

Busdriver at Waterloo Park

08:30 PM
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir (indie pop/folk) at Smokin' Music

08:50 PM
Dead Luke (industrial) at The Music Gym *

09:00 PM
AIDS Wolf (noise rock) at Mohawk Patio
Deadstring Brothers (Southern rock) at Red Eyed Fly
Dirtblonde (drone rock) at Emo's Annex *
Drew Smith's Lonely Choir (roots rock/R&B/folk) at Momo's
Gentleman Reg ("Melodramatic Popular Song") at Beauty Bar
Holger (poppy indie rock) at Club 115
SpecialThanks (Japanese poppy indie rock) at Elysium
The Octopus Project (post rock) at Emo's Main Room

09:15 PM
Prolyphic (indie rap) at Scoot Inn

09:20 PM
Alex Koll (comedy) at The Velveeta Room

09:30 PM
Bomani Armah & Project Mayhem (hard rap & comedy) at Back Alley Social

10:00 PM
Anya Marina (sweet folk/pop) at Maggie Mae's
Ezra Furman and the Harpoons (indie rock/roots rock) at Submerged *
Felix Cartal (techno) at Radio Room Patio
Living Things (indie rock/roots rock) at Prague
Lou Barlow (from Dinosaur Jr./Sebadoh) w/ Imaad Wasif at The Parish
Melissa Ferrick (folk rock) at 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn
PJ Harvey & John Parish (indie rock) at Stubb's
TAT (mall punk) at Spiro's Amphitheater
The Chicharones (indie rap) at Barcelona
The Emeralds (Japanese garage rock) at Elysium
Violens (indie rock/shoegaze) at Club de Ville
Wild Weekend (grrl punk) at Wave *

10:20 PM
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip (UK rap) at Scoot Inn

10:30 PM
Gary War (dream pop) at The Music Gym

10:40 PM
Perseph One (femme rap) at Barcelona
Todd Barry (comedy) at Esther's Follies

11:00 PM
Andre Williams (wild R&B) at Continental Club
Buck 65 (smart, funny rap) at Scoot Inn
Lady Dottie & the Diamonds () at Wave
The D'Urbervilles () at Beauty Bar
The Duke Spirit (drone rock) at Antone's
The High Dials (psych rock/pop) at Rusty Spurs
The Knux (Outkast-like rap) at Vice
The Mae Shi (art-punk) at Mohawk Patio
The Morning After Girls (pop/post-punk) at Pangaea
The Whispertown 2000 (shoegaze/drone rock) at The Ale House
Trail of Dead (Emo godfathers) at Emo's Main Room
Ty Segall (garage rock) at Red 7

11:10 PM
Binary Audio Misfits (rap/rock) at Barcelona

11:30 PM
Brannen Temple's Temple Underground (jazz) at Elephant Room

11:40 PM
Invincible (indie rap) at Back Alley Social
Pre (punk) at Mohawk

12:00 AM
Asakusa Jinta (Japanese klezmer) at Elysium
Asylum Street Spankers (folk/country/comedy) at Momo's
Blaqstarr (DJ) at Friends
Echo and The Bunnymen (post-punk) at Rusty Spurs
Gravy Train!!!! (funny electro/pop) at Radio Room
Grupo Fantasma (salsa rock) at Emo's Main Room
HEALTH (theatrical noise rock) at Mohawk Patio
John Fairhurst (early Fahey-like folk) at 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn
Justin Townes Earle (alt country) at Red Eyed Fly
Kamikaze Queens (indie rock/garage) at Club 115
Ponytail (art punk) at Club de Ville
Skratch Bastid (DJ) at Speakeasy
The Gin Riots (UK indie rock/Brit pop) at The Rio
The Handsome Family (alt-country goth) at Habana Calle 6
Wayne Kramer (MC5) at Maggie Mae's Gibson Room
We Are Dios (folk rock) at Central Presbyterian Church

12:15 AM
Pigeon John (rap/R&B) at Back Alley Social

12:20 AM
Sleep (fast talking indie rap) at Scoot Inn

12:30 AM
Mika Miko (punk/noise rock) at Mohawk

01:00 AM
Bobby Bare Jr. (roots rock) at Maggie Mae's Gibson Room
Chavy Boys (DJ) at Friends
Daniel Johnston (singer/songwriter/painter/comic fan) at Emo's Main Room
Dead Prez (political hip-hop) at Austin Music Hall
Dressy Bessy (poppy indie rock- Breeders-like) at Lamberts
Les Handclaps (post-punk/dance) at Beauty Bar
Monotonix (very theatrical punk) at Mohawk Patio
Mr Lif (political/conceptual indie rap) at Back Alley Social
Sage Francis (indie rap) at Scoot Inn
The Dogs (Detroit) (garage rock) at Wave
The Evaporators (punky indie rock) at Habana Calle 6
The Mother Truckers (alt country/Southern rock) at Continental Club
The Parties (psych pop) at BD Riley's
Titus Andronicus (brainy, sloppy indie rock) at Club de Ville
Waco Brothers (alt-country) at Red Eyed Fly

01:15 AM
Todd Barry (comedy) at The Velveeta Room

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Support WFMU- free form radio at its finest

Even since I first picked up their signal in the late 70's, I've been a fan of WFMU. To me, it represented what was most interesting, fascinating and motivating about a radio station- DJ's with personalities and without playlists who could school you about all types of music. Against many odds (including battles with other local stations which tried to squash them), the station has thrived since the late 50's, which is a record for this type of station.

Right now, they're in the middle of another fundraiser and need your support. It's nice and easy to show your love too. Just use the form below to make a pledge. You can also use the link below to copy the code and put it on your site.

Their fundraiser ends on Sunday night so don't delay...

How This Works...
Support Freeform Radio!
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Add this banner to your site!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Creation Records biopic

I got this note from a UK film company and wanted to pass this along to music fans out there about a Creation Records bio-pic that's been worked on, not just to whet your appetite for this project but to also see if you can help out and be involved in this.

There's contact info below and a list of bands involved. Sounds like it'll be a corker, eh?

"We are working on a documentary feature film - it's called 'Upside Down: The Story of Creation Records' and is being made with the full authorisation of Alan McGee who ran it, & other people from the label, both artists and behind the scenes. The label housed an influential roster of bands which epitomized British independent music for almost twenty years from 1983 - 1999."

"We're trying to find as much (preferably previously unseen) archive material as possible: footage, photographs, fliers, cuttings, scrapbook excerpts and drawings and I wondered if you have any material? Or perhaps you know someone who is a collector or fan who I might be able to get in touch with? If so I'd be very keen to hear back from you. I've attached a list of the Creation bands at the bottom of this email if you have a moment to look through it - not many of the bands were enormous in the States but some of them had a significant following. Thanks very much!"

Best regards
Sam Dwyer
Document Films

My Bloody Valentine
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Primal Scream
Super Furry Animals
Teenage Fanclub
The House of Love
Saint Etienne
The Boo Radleys
The Weather Prophets
BMX Bandits
The Membranes
Biff Bang Pow!
18 Wheeler
The Jazz Butcher
Ultra Living
3 Colours Red
Slaughter Joe
The Telescopes