Monday, May 01, 2017

Beyond the Clouds: Ambient Excursions - RBMA NYC

Beyond the Clouds: Ambient Excursions - RBMA NYC yesterday. Great event organized by Adam Shore.

Tops was Laraaji and Malcolm Cecil who set up for hours while others were playing but was worth it (also nabbed both to take photos with me). MC played an Electronic Valve Instrument (kind of a synth-sax) and did a great duet with theremin player Dorit Chrysler). Cecil also helped Stevie Wonder, Gil Scott-Heron get plugged into synths in the '70's.

In the house was also Christopher Weingarten (one of my fave scribes) and Jim Thirlwell (Foetus).

Also loved the hanging womb-like seats around the place and the huge reclinable two-level couch that stretched along the whole performance space (got some good nap there, appropriately enough). You can see some videos below too.

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