Monday, March 07, 2005

Hip Hop Chronicle- Four Korners Monthly Newspaper

At the Public Enemy conference at NYU, I noticed a slim newspaper called Four Korners. I hadn't heard about it before but looking through the issue I got, it looks like a stalwart hip-hop publication. It comes out as a monthly and has a staff that obviously cares about the music and the people who make it. The January issue that I picked up had info about film festivals, college courses, scores on various rap feuds (real and imagined), the NBA's I-Pod ban, Common on HIV plus hip-hop horoscopes and crossword puzzles. Wish they would cover more underground action though (i.e. Anticon).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is J.P and I'm the Publisher of 4korners Newspaper. When you say cover the underground I'm intrested in Knowing what is underground to you? Thank you for the great comments My self and my staff really appreciate that.? That's what's up!

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