Sunday, October 16, 2005

Skipping Stones

If you're on the look-out for breezy indie pop (think Belle & Sebastian), then you're in luck. Connecticut's Skipping Stones Records has just what you need.

Fresh from Iceland, there's Dyroin. How's this for a bio? "Dýrðin (pronounced deerthin) was formed in 1994 by three chaps named Doddi, Einar and Maggi. All were well versed in indie and alternative rock and we had just found out that with a Dr. Rhythm drum machine and an analog Tascam 4-track Portastudio we could do wonders." And yes, it's sung in their own own funky home tongue but don't let you throw you off. Much more lithe than New Pornographers or the Pernice Brothers but very satifying pure pop for Gen XYZ peeps.

On a similar tip is Sweden's The Charade. Again, they have great instincts for bios: "born from a chance meeting at a spring party in Stockholm, where Mikael heard Magnus spinning records. An instant indiepop rapport began between Magnus and Mikael, and they soon realized they had the makings of a perfect Swedish pop band." Maybe it's the femme voice but they pull that wonderful trick of being sweet without being syrupy.

The label will be rounding up other parts of their roster for a December show in their neck of the woods. Here's hoping that they bring their Euro artists out here soon also.


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