Sunday, May 14, 2006

NOLA addenda- JazzFest article

Silly me... I forgot to mention that on my other blog, I have a detailed overview of the first weekend of the Jazz and Heritage Festival: Dancing in the Face of Adversity (which comes from a Ze Records compilation). Burrage and Carson are mentioned briefly there but it's more about what I saw around NOLA itself and at the festival. Unlike other articles covering the fest, I thought it would be best to spend as little space as I could about the bigger acts (Costello, Springsteen, Dylan, Dave Matthews) that get plenty of coverage as it is and sadly this crowds out any reporting about all of the other wonderful acts that perform there.


Blogger bulb said...

I wondered where you had mentioned GC re: our correspondence. It's funny I skim Popmatters daily, but I missed that fine blog entry. Thanks for the "World Turned Upside Down" coverage to quote Billy Bragg quoting Christopher Hill quoting the Ranters, Diggers, Muggletonians et al.

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