Friday, March 14, 2008

Abopt TV- get your free(k) jazz on

Saturday Night Live isn't the only reason to stay in and veg out in front of the tv on the weekends. Manhattan Cable Network is one of those wonderfully weird local stations where anyone with video capability can sign up for a show and speak their peace for a half-hour. While you usually get all manner of religious nuts, geeks and esoteric stuff, you also finding winning programs like Abop TV.
With their mission of "Bringing the free-garde to your desktop commercial free since 2003!", they present assorted local jazz legends like Sabir Mateen, Roy Campbell and Daniel Carter (all Vision Festival regulars) alongside tributes to Miles, Ornette and blues legend Howlin' Wolf. It's not part of your standard cable package so be grateful that it's available on the web.


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