Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Death Cab goes noir and Skynyrd goes Ruskie

I was never much of a Death Cab for Cutie fan (though I love their Bonzo-inspired name and think that Ben Gibbard is best in Postal Service) but I love their video for "I Will Possess Your Heart" (as opposed to Wilco who just wanted to break your heart). Nine minutes of the band trapped in a meat locker and a sullen girl traveling to and wandering around foreign countries sounds like of duff but it's actually pretty compelling for eight-minutes-plus.

Then there's this wonderfully strange, bizarre video from the Leningrad Cowboys (who are actually Finnish). Musically, their cover of "Sweet Home Alabama" isn't too striking but it's hilarious to watch a bunch of guys with purposely bad new wave fashion do it well, backed by the Red Army Choir, once the pride of the Soviet Union. It's approaching one million views on YouTube so people are definitely getting the joke. Hopefully somewhere Ronnie Van Zant is getting a chuckle outta this too...


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