Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Orleans Musicians Fund

I've been asked to spread the word for a good cause and I'd like to ask you to do the same. Here's the press release to support the New Orleans Musicians Fund.

"My name is Ronn Campbell and I operate
a question and answer show called Story Makers Studio: Live and Unscripted in Hollywood. Please have a look.

and then click on the powered by Stiyl logo
on the bottom of the site.

After we did a show on the movie "The Doors", I was asked if we could do a version of our program for music. I have been waiting for the right time as I wanted to create a series that would be of real value to up and coming musicians and those in the music industry, who would like to increase their knowledge base on a particular aspect of the music industry.

So, what we are doing is putting together a series of interviews with leading and cutting edge, innovative and practical strategies and tactics that are actionable right now for any and all musicians regardless of status.

And we are asking that listeners in order to hear the seminars donate any amount they like to the New Orleans online.

My goal is to extract the most actionable information that will get musicians the greatest leverage is not their ability to suffer in these changing times. Instead we will help musicians increase the marketing promotional, and business abilities—Free!

Everyone wins.

I'm confident if we ask the correct questions …get the correct responses and ask our guests for their best tactics, tricks, and tools.

With this is mind we will create a new site called "Musicians Arts Society" and the sole purpose of the society is to help musicians help themselves.

Our purpose is to be that catalytic force that moves musician to a higher level of strategic marketing and business possibilities. I don't want our interviews to be intellectual entertainment.

I want to quickly help musicians sustain and pursue their greatest competitive, creative, and financial success they can possibly achieve--all the while helping musicians in need, in New Orleans.

As the last NARM conference just ended here in San Francisco and from what I could gather no company or person is sure where the music industry is really heading.

Yet what was sure is that artists will have much more control of their work and with this control they would benefit with the precise knowledge with respect to this control.

Our first offering of interviews will be focused on how musicians can best take advantage and thrive with some actionable information From some of the best musicians, music authors, pundits, and ear to the ground people today.

To date we have verifications from over 13 confirmations with more coming everyday.

The invitees have proven to successfully dissect various portions of the music industry coupling that with the unique ability to teach and share actionable knowledge.

Again, I'm writing you to see if we can find a way to work with us to promote the interviews, all the while remembering that 100 percent of the opt to listen fee will go directly to the New Orleans Musicians Fund:

Please let me know if you will help us promote the teleseminars.

I thank you for your time for reading this email; and I look forward to hearing from you soon."


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