Sunday, June 01, 2008

PSF and new articles

OK, a little self-promo here but hopefully some stuff you'll enjoy. A new edition of Perfect Sound Forever is out now. This is the issue edited by rock crit dean Robert Christgau and includes articles from his students in his Princeton class, featuring... the Savoy Music Center of Louisiana, Sacred Steel music*, Keith Green*, Burlesque revival, Janet Jackson*, MTV's the Hills*, Emo revisited, Beat Happening, Timbaland, Killswitch Engage, OutKast, Joe Budden*, Sublime and Khaled* (asterisks artists are pictured on the left). Check it out now at the PSF home-spot.

In addition, I have a Village Voice review of krautrock legends Cluster and their first New York show in ages and a Film Comment interview with RZA of Wu Tang Clan about his favorite martial arts movies and how that's shaped his musical work. Also look out later this year for my liner notes to two Tom Verlaine reissues, Dreamtime and Words from the Front, both coming out on Collector's Choice.


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