Monday, June 16, 2008

Thermidor returns

For all of you punk and post-punk music nuts out there, the name Thermidor should ring a bell. It was one of the many wonderful tiny indie labels from the 80's run by future SST capo and future author Joe Carducci- also see his great recent memoir Enter Naomi, put out by Redoubt Press.

Thermidor put out records by Flipper, Minutemen and the Birthday Party among others before folding. Carducci is now resurrecting this as a film company. One of the movies in production is described as such: "At mid-century, training for routine space duty is interrupted by an approaching cataclysm, and the mission becomes an ad hoc attempt to seed the nearest planet with a crew featuring naturals, bio-engineered humans, and replicants." The other offering so far is the noir clip above which they describe as "Hollywood leading man of the forties and fifties picks up a stag model hitchhiker on the Boulevard in the sixties." In addition, they have some fun videos at their YouTube channel that you should check out.


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