Friday, October 17, 2008

A box of Glass

Here's a feature I wrote for Blurt Magazine about the recent Philip Glass box. It's an impressive set of music but it ain't without its flaws too, plus it misses some of his CBS works (which is a plus and a minus too).

"In all, a very impressive batting average; how many modern composers, music less bands besides the Stones or the Beatles, could make a winning 10-CD box set from start to finish? If Glass has a few warty diversions in his oeuvre, so did the Bard and it didn't diminish his rep. The sum total of this box set is to show off his mastery of composition in several genres, and with that criterion, it does him proud and proves that he deserves the status as one of the classical world's leading lights in the last century and the one that we just began."


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