Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Xmas Music 2018

If you want to give yourself a real gift this holiday season, avoid 2018 Christmas albums from Eric Clapton, Mike Love,  Engelbert Humperdinck, LeeAnn Rimes, Michael McDonald,   You'll have much better luck for glad tidings with these choices below instead.  You'll find a nice variety here too, ranging from rap to country to 60's girl group to garage rock to ambient to jazz to indie rock to soul to surf music to tortured torch songs.  If that doesn't get you through the shopping season, nothing will.  As a bonus, see a Spotify playlist at the end that includes most of the listings here.

03 Greedo "Dear Winter" (Soundcloud)
This L.A. rapper is now a jailbird thanks to trumped-up gun charges but still manages to deliver some trippy spirits for the season.

Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers "All I Got For Christmas Is The Blues" (Pretty Good For A Girl)
Some gritty blues from this Florida singer featuring some steamy organ- all that's missing is her signature sax.

This New Zealand indie rock quartet's Future Me Hates Me is one of 2018's finest platters. Their Christmas ballad starts sweet and slow with strings but breaks into some biting guitar at the 2:30 mark.

Rodney Crowell Christmas Everywhere (New West)
This country songwriting legend has mixed feelings about the holidays, knowing that it drives us crazy with sales, mall trips, heartache, loneliness and a dead lawnmower.  He does get the holiday spirit now and then but he never seems happier than when he gives out lumps of coal on "Let's Skip Christmas This Year" and "Christmas Makes Me Sad." We can happily commiserate with his upbeat misery here instead of getting the holiday cheer forced down our throat.

Freddy Coles "Jingles the Christmas Cat" (HighNote)
A breezy jazz tune about Santa's kitty- how much more in the holiday spirit can you get than that?

Via the Afghan Whigs front-man, a quiet, tortured version that you'd expect from him but it's somehow moving nevertheless.  The guy's a hell of an expressive singer, no matter what the material is. And his cracked, yearning voice really does get at the sadness that's the essence of the song.

Eerie Wanda "Listen the Snow is Falling" (Joyful Noise)
Croatian/Dutch singer-songwriter Marina Tadic gives us an adorable girl group, borderline-shoegaze holiday tune via Yoko Ono.

The Flytraps "Cha Cha Heels For Christmas" (Burger)
For those of us who don't always love sappy sentiment, there's this nice piece of trashy garage-rock from four L.A. grrls.  How you'd wrap the present is a mystery that's not addressed in the song though.

Aretha Franklin "Silent Night" (Rhino)
Along with the incredible Amazing Grace documentary that just came out, there's this wonderful remix of the Queen via a 2008 recording minus the strings and backing vocals, leaving only her piano and unmatchable voice.  What else do you really need?

This duo of German garage girls found a good kindred spirit in Art Brut's Argos for a jaunty rocker that you could twist away to, evoking the B-52's. "I've gathered you all today to say I hope you're all enjoying Christmas exactly the same amount as I'm enjoying Christmas," Eddie intones in the middle and you might actually believe him.

Joshua Hedley "I Miss Spending Christmas With You" (Third Man)
A stirring honky tonk weeper from "Mr. Jukebox." The nice, low-key backing should be a template across Nashville for holiday tunes instead of the usual schlock that they serve up.

Jonwayne Yuletide Bangerz (Bandcamp)
A DJ mix (from a sometimes rapper, sometimes producer) of Yuletide cheer with beats piled over smatterings of the Beatles, soul crooning, the Peanuts, Chevy Chase, Ella Fitzgerald, Macca solo, Burl Ives, the Muppets, Bing Crosby, the original Grinch cartoon, South Park, A Christmas Story, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Mathis and the Chipmunks, all courtesy of two sampling machines.

Khruangbin "Christmas Time Is Here" (Dead Oceans)
The Peanuts go trip hop?  Makes perfect actually.  Would love to see it as an entire holiday special too.  How hilarious is that they also have a "Version Mary" of the song?

Lola Kirke "Cross You Off My List" (Downtown)
The lead on the wonderful Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle played an wanna-be oboist on the show but here she steps out as a chanteuse. Though she also tackles the classic "Little Drummer Boy," this heart-warmer is the one you'll remember when snuggling up with your sweetie.

John Legend "Merry Merry Christmas" (Columbia)
Even if you think he's a little too jolly for his own good, the first half of his holiday record (A Legendary Christmas) has a nice Motown vibe to it- try the soul swing of "What Christmas Means to Me" and the jazzy "Give Love On Christmas." The real keeper is this loose-limbed, horn-howling New Orleans bounce that he saves 'til the end,

Los Straightjackets Complete Christmas Songbook (Yep Roc)
Everyone's favorite instrumental surf-rock Mexican wrestler clad band has always been about fun so it's surprise that they could do a good holiday album as a follow up to their previous holiday album, 2009's Yuletide Beat.  Squeezing 27 songs into 73 minutes (only two songs break the 3 minute barrier), they're old school rock and roll and proud of it and without the syrupy vocals we're used to on holiday songs or anything vocals for that matter, Remember that long along, the Ventures had their own fun-filled holiday album.  This carries on in that great tradition.

The Mavericks "Hey! Merry Christmas!" (Mono Mundo)
You'd expect that this rootsy country band wouldn't have to strain too much to make a decent holiday record and they don't.  The title track is a stand-out as a sax-honking, shout-a-long bit of 50's rock and roll.

JD McPherson Socks (New West)
Like the Straightjacket clan, JD's a rock and roll revivalist but not the kind that's sickening retro- he really enjoys the music and you do too.  Maybe it's the Brian Setzer factor but this record became a surprise holiday hit though you can see why.  McPherson's cheer is infectious, even when he complains about the crappy clothes that he gets as presents.  As least he has his sweetie (or sweeties) to cheer him up during the holiday so all's well.

Memphis Ukulele Band "Gee Whiz It's Christmas" (Memphis International)
Covering the Carla Thomas classic recycled for Stax's Christmas album, this version was recorded at Sam Philip's studio during last August. Thankfully, it's got none of the corniness you'd link to ukelele music- singer Kyndle McMahan just belts it out and shakes some sleigh bells.

Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert Ghost Stories For Christmas (Rock Action)
Not spooky (except the story of a tree turned kindling), this folk Xmas is sad and wistful but not miserable, with a touch of sweetness to it.  If you like a heavy Scot brogue, then Arab Strap singer Mr. Moffat is definitely for you.  Try "Lonely This Christmas," a 50's style rock ballad that you could slow dance to over its drum machine thump.  Very touching too- their cover of Yaz's "Only You."  Even more touching- the little girl who sings acapella at the end.

Old 97's Love the Holidays (ATO)
This reliable alt-country combo has enough songwriting skills to pen their own holiday tunes and while they're not sickeningly gooey about Xmas, they do find some cheer during the end of the year and as always, they're as tuneful as hell about it.  The title track's a horn-filled, rockabilly hoot but the one they really need to do a video for is the lovely "Snow Angels."

Mark Peters "Jingle Bells" (Bandcamp)
Following in his now annual tradition of holiday songs (last year had him doing "Silent Night"), this Manchester ambient master gives us ringing echoed guitar and percussion splashes to make for a spacey holiday vibe. As a bonus, the single's profits goes to a homeless charity.

Mitch Ryder "Santa Claus" (Goldenlane)
This grimy 60's rocker remembers his garage roots with twangy guitar (shades of the Other Half's "Mr. Pharmacist") and demands for Santa that include money, honey, a guitar and a brand new car.  Sad to say, Old St. Nick gives him no presents.

Say Sue Me "Christmas, It's Not A Biggie" (Damnably)
X-style rockabilly with breathy vocals via South Korea.  Rarely do you hear anyone so upbeat about the holiday and so ambivalent about it too.  Love the little bit of "Jingle Bell Rock" that they throw into the solo too.

Shame "Feliz Navidad" (Dead Oceans)
A lot looser and friendlier than the usual fare of this UK indie band, it's nice to hear them finally have some silly fun, even with some obvious auto-tune thrown in.  Maybe some lager loosened them up?

Thirty Curses "Holly Jolly Christmas" (Thirty Curses)
Courtesy of a bunch of Raleigh rockers, this jaunt Xmas classic becomes a pained torch song that has the lilt of a Jewish prayer you'd hear in a Synagogue.  Perfect for any multi-denominational sing-a-long.

Twin Kennedy "Cold Weather" (Twin Kennedy)
An angel-voiced country duo imagine a nostalgic Christmas, wisely skipping the strings and overblown choirs.

Wavves "Emo Christmas" (Ghost Ramp)
It's gotta be a joke, even if these aren't the guy(s) you'd expect a holiday laugh from.  Emo isn't not and that's not a minus.  Just a nice chugging li'l indie tune. "Watch the snowflakes fall out of the sky"?  Sounds nice.

Whyte Horses "Next Year Will Be Mine" (CRC)
This Mancunians band, which claims it might not be a group, also claims to be 'psychedelic pop' but they're more sing-songy girls who could have time-warped from the early '60's with booming Phil Spector sound and all, which is perfectly fine and very tuneful to boot.  Their message is hopeful, at least for 2019.

And there's also this late breaking video...

Monday, December 17, 2018

2018's Greatest Hits

Any year that you have dozens of good albums and about 200 good songs is a good year.  I used to be nostalgic but not about decades ago but only a few years ago in the early part of THIS decade (see 2010, 2011, 2012), which I thought had an overflow of quality music that dipped a bit after that. Sure, this is all subjective and even if you think some of the albums below are contrary choices, I swear that they're not, especially Nicki with the best album I heard this year. And now, I really do think that THIS might be a great new time for music, especially if you keep your ears open and you can enjoy more than one or two types of music- I've been hearing more ambient, techno and classical albums and loving more and more of each but for singles (which I really cherish now), nothing beats rap and dance-pop.

As always, if you like any of these artists, please show 'em your love and support 'em and buy 'em or get their mersch or at least stream 'em so they can keep on making quality music.



  1. Nicki Minaj Queen (Young Money)
  2. Various Artists Black Panther The Album Music From And Inspired By (Tog Dawg)
  3. FAVX Welfare (Burger)
  4. Various Artists Dr. Demento Covered in Punk (Demented Punk)
  5. Amy Rigby The Old Guys (Southern Domestic Recording)
  6. Lyrics Born Quite A Life (Mobile Home Recordings)
  7. Tal National Tantabara (Fat Cat)
  8. cupcakKe Ephorize (cupcakKe)
  9. Archivist and Fugal Undertow (BleeD)
  10. Cardi B Invasion of Privacy (Atlantic)
  11. Nvdes Vibe City Utah (Maison Nvdité)
  12. Spook School Could It Be Different? (Slumberland) 
  13. Dark Times Tell Me What I Need (Sheep Chase) 
  14. Shopping The Official Body (Fat Cat) 
  15. Abhi The Nomad Marbled (Tommy Boy) 
  16. Superchunk What A Time To Be Alive (Merge)
  17. The Carters Everything Is Love (S.C. Enterprises)
  18. Tunde Olaniran Stranger (Magic Wheel)
  19. Marina Rebeka Verdi:Luisa Miller (Live) (BR-Klassik) 
  20. Confidence Man Confident Music for Confident People (Heavenly Recordings)
  21. Art Brut Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock out! (Alcopop!)
  22. Damu The Fudgemunk and Flex Mathews Dreams and Vibrations (Redefinition)
  23. Courtney Barnett Tell Me How You Really Feel (Mom + Pop)
  24. Marlowe Marlowe (Mello Music)
  25. Kate Nash Yesterday Was Forever (Girl Gang)
  26. Bhad Bhabie 15 (B.H.A.D. Music)   
  27. Smoove Funk n' Beats, Vol. 6 (Bombstrikes)
  28. DEHOUSY Stage 2 ([Re]Sources)
  29. Miss Red K.O. (Pressure)
  30. Juiceboxxx Never Surrender Forever (Dangerbird)
  31. The Beths Future Me Hates Me (Carpark)
  32. Willie Nelson Last Man Standing (Sony)
  33. Uranium Club Live For The First Time (in Italy) (Castle Face)
  34. The Get Up Kids Kicker (Polyvinyl)
  35. Czarface and MF Doom Czarface Meets Metal Face (Silver Age)
  36. Sons of Kemet Your Queen Is A Reptile (Impulse!)
  37. Marc Faraone Lunar Eclipse (Drumcode)
  38. Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog YRU Still Here? (Northern Spy)
  39. Logic Ysiv (Def Jam)
  40. Proc Fiskal Insula (Hyperdub)
  41. staHHr Respect Due Vol. 1 (Soundcloud)
  42. K.A.A.N. Subtle Meditation (Redefinition)
  43. Beans Triptych (Gamma)
  44. Cooper Tiempo, Temperatura, Agitación (Elefant)
  45. Sidi Toure Toubalbero (Thrill Jockey)
  46. Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries (Emotional Response)
  47. Miss Information Sequence (Pioneer Works)
  48. Alisa Weilerstein and Trondheim Soloists Transfigured Night (Pentatone)
  49. Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore Downey to Lubbock (Yep Roc)
  50. Kasper Bjørke Quartet The Fifty Eleven Project (Kompakt)
  51. Negative Scanner Nose Picker (Trouble In Mind)
  52. Mark Peters Innerland (Large Scale Version) (Sonic Cathedral)
  53. Backspace Human Nature Architecture (Maybe Mars)
  54. Stefan Chaplikov Clementi: Keyboard Sonatas from Opp. 25, 33 and 46 (Naxos)
  55. Ewol, Grey Code, Skylark, Ray Uptown I I I EP (MethLab)
  56. PINKCOURTESYPHONE Romantic Threat (Line)
  57. En Attendant Ana Lost and Found (Buddy)
  58. Tierra Whack Whack World (Tierra Whack)
  59. Daniel Avery Visible Gravity (xlr8r)
  60. Proud Parents Proud Parents (Dirtnap)
  61. ASC Artefacts Of Rotation (Auxiliary)
  62. Sunmantra Esoteric (Roam)
  63. Benoît Pioulard May (Soundcloud)
  64. Wei Zhongle The Operators (Self Sabotage)
  65. Barrence Whitfield and the Savages Soul Flowers of Titan (Bloodshot)
  66. Helena Hauff Qualm (Ninja Tune)
  67. Les Lullies Les Lullies (Slovenly)
  68. Noonday Underground On A Quiet Night (Hands Full)
  69. Remember Sports Slow Buzz (Father/Daughter)
  70. Hodge Beneath Two Moons (Berceuse Heroique)
  71. Gwenifer Raymond You Never Were Much of a Dancer (Tompkins Square)
  72. Augusta McKay Lodge Beyond Bach and Vivaldi (Naxos)
  73. Muncie Girls Fixed Ideals (Buzz)
  74. Mestizo and The Heavy Twelves Big Bad Death (Fake Four)
  75. Anna Burch Quit the Curse (Polyvinyl)
  76. Axolotes Mexicanos Salu2 (Elefant)
  77. Kraus Path (Terrible)
  78. AB2088 Replicate (Liquidators)
  79. Altin Gün On (Bongo Joe)
  80. Ultrastation 686868 EP (Mary Go Wild Black)
  81. Erica Itami Paranoir Antares (Soundcloud)
  82. The Radio Galaxy Nobody Digs Your Music But Yourself (Rappers I Know)
  83. Kid Koala Floor Kids (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (Arts and Crafts)
  84. Marc-André Hamelin Schubert: Piano Sonata and Impromptus (Hyperion)
  85. Etran de L'Aïr No. 1 (Sahel Sounds)
  86. Amerigo Gazaway No Free Beats: An Original Soundtrack (Bandcamp)
  87. Allan Kingdom Peanut Butter Prince (First Gen)
  88. E-Turn Young World (Fake Four)
  89. Planet Battagon Battagon Symphony EP (On the Corner)
  90. Pearl Vision Storm (EPM)
  91. Mount Kimbie Love What Survives (Remixes Part 2) (Warp)
  92. A Lily Ten Drones On Cassette (Sound In Silence)
  93. Artist Deleted Track Deleted (Me Me Me)
  94. Lone Ambivert Tools Volume Three (RandS) 
  95. Various Artists Illuminations II (The New Year 2018 charity compilation) (DRONARIVM)
  96. Loco and Jam Cluster Flux (Tronic)
  97. The Artist Is Unknown Later Tonight (Dream Catalog)
  98. Various Artists Typical Girls, Vol. 4 (Emotional Response)
  99. Shadow Child Dance Trax, Vol 9 (Dancetrax)
  100. Dedekind Cut Tahoe (Kranky)
  101. Bebetta Megalon (Monaberry)
  102. Ant'lrd and Benoît Pioulard Deck Amber (Sounds Et Al)
  103. Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs Frozen Angels (Soul Assassin)
  104. Jon Hassell Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume One) (Ndeya)
  105. Baxter Dury and Étienne de Crécy and Delilah Holliday B.E.D. (Heavenly Recordings)
  106. Textasy Dallas Gun Club (Craigie Knowes)
  107. SheRider Four Years Aware (Sound In Silence)
  108. Goldmund Occasus (Western Vinyl)
  109. r beny Saudade (Dauw)
  110. DZ Deathrays Bloody Lovely (I Oh You)
  111. Warmth Parallel (Archives)
  112. Blake Mills Look (Verve)
  113. Hampshire and Foat The Honeybear (Athens of the North)
  114. Jaja Upon the river of heaven (Soundcloud)


1.   Chris Dave "Black Hole (feat. Anderson .Paak)" (Blue Note)
2.   Thutmose "Run Wild (feat. NoMBe)" (TH3RD BRAIN)
3.   Yuksek and JD Samson "Don't Even Try" (YouTooCanWoo)
4.   The Go! Team "Mayday"  (Memphis Industries)
5.   Penguin Prison "Keep Coming Alive" (Act Normal)
6.   Kendrick Lamar featuring SZA "All the Stars" (Top Dawg)
7.   NVDES  “Mind Body Soul Music" (Maison Nvdité)
8.   Hotel Garuda featuring Lemaitre "Dancing On The Moon (Cavego Remix)" (Mom + Pop)
9.   Neneh Cherry "Natural Skin Deep" (Smalltown Supersound)
10. Bunji Garlin "Drop It (featuring Busta Rhymes)" (The Conglomerate Entertainment)
11. Childish Gambino "This is America" (mcDJ Recording)
12. Aretha Franklin "Silent Night" (Rhino)
13. Nightwave "Sanctuary" (Fool's Gold)
14. Michael Shannon "Kanye West Is Not Picasso" (MacmillanAudio)
15. Sure Sure "Giants" (Sure Sure)
16. Evidence "Powder Cocaine (feat Slug and Catero)" (Rhymesayers)
17. Chaka Khan "Like Sugar" (Universal)
18. Christine Aguilera "Sick of Sittin'" (RCA)
19. Sir Babygirl "Heels" (Father/Daugther)
20. Willie Nelson "Vote 'Em Out" (Jimmy Kimmel)
21. Jamila Woods "Giovanni" (Jagjaguwar)
22. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever "Mainland" (Sub Pop)
23. NyNy "Wake It Up" (no label)
24. Marquis Hawkes and Jamie Lidell "We Should Be Free" (Houndstooth)
27. JPEGMAFIA "Baby I'm Bleeding" (EQT Recordings)
28. Marlowe "The Basement" (Mello Music)
29. Amy Rigby "Tom Petty Karaoke" (Southern Domestic)
30. nao "I Need Your Lovin'" (RCA)
31. Too Many Zooz vs KDA feat. Jess Glynne "So Real (Warriors)" (Ministry of Sound)
32. LPB Poody "Steppas" (no label)
33. bulow "You and Jennifer" (Universal Canada)
34. Backspace "The Chair in the Clouds" (Maybe Mars)
35. Ghostface Killah and Apollo Brown "Blood on the Cobblestones (feat. U-God and Inspectah Deck)" (Mello Music)
36. Kraak and Smaak feat. LUXXURY "Keep It Together" (Future Disco)
37. Nas "Adam and Eve (featuring the Dream)" (Mass Appeal)
38. Amerigo Gazaway "I Miss The Old Kanye (Amerigo Gazaway Remix)" (Soundcloud)
39. Underground System "Go" (Soul Clap)
40. Jenaux "Give It Up" (Things and Stuff)
41. Bakar "Million Miles" (bash*)
42. Chromeo "Night By Night (Callback Funk Remix)" (Soundcloud)
43. Rico Nasty "Countin' Up" (Sugar Trap)
44. Sigrid "Sucker Punch" (Universal)
45. Drake "Nice For What" (Cash Money)
46. Logic "One Day [feat. Ryan Tedder]" (Def Jam)
47. Chance The Rapper "Wala Cam (feat. Supa Bwe and Forever Band)" (Soundcloud)
48. Lil Wayne "Mona Lisa [Explicit] [feat. Kendrick Lamar]" (Young Money)
49. G Herbo and Southside "Who Run It (Remix)" (Machine Entertainment Group)
50. Quando Rondo "Bacc To The Basics" (QRN)
51. Emanon "Aloe By Thy Name" (Dirty Science)
52. Gavinho "The Jam (W.O.L.F. Remix)" (Phisica)
53. Buddy Guy "Ooh Daddy" (Silvertone)
54. NTEIBINT and Σtella "A State Nearby" (Eskimo Recordings)
55. Wayward "Reykjavik" (Silver Bear)
56. rexmanningday. "mass ave" (Soundcloud)
57. Anais "Nina" (Universal)
58. Saweetie "ICY GRL" (Icy)
59. LPB Poody "Otha Shxt" (no label)
60. Kate Nash "Drink About You" (Girl Gang)
61. Mush "Gig Economy" (917970)
62. Kodie Shane "Sing To Her" (Epic)
63. Amyl and the Sniffers "Some Mutts (Can't Be Muzzled)" (Flightless)
64. Giant Swan "The Rest of His Voice" (Mannequin)
65. Soulwax "Essential Four" (Deewee)
66. Lizzo "Boys" (Nice Life)
67. Apollo Brown and Locksmith "Litmus" (Soundcloud)
68. Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee, Slim Jxmmi "Powerglide feat. Juicy J" (Mike WiLL Made-It)
69. Black Dresses "Wiggle" (Independent)
70. Bad Gyal "Blink" (Pure)
71. Soccer Girl "Last Girl" (Fat Possum)
72. Alexander Norman Ft. Dynamite MC "Flamingo (Original Mix)" (Broken Records)
73. SOB X RBE "Anti Social" (SOB X RBE)
74. Fret "List Is Full" (Lies)
75. Mike Krol "I Wonder" (Merge)
76. Topaz Jones "Toothache" (New Funk Academy)
77. Janelle Monae "Make Me Feel" (Bad Boy)
78. Remember Sports "I Liked You Best (Audiotree Live Version)" (Audiotree)
79. Noonday Underground "I'll Never Know" (Hands Full)
80. Loretta Lynn "Ruby's Stool" (Legacy Recordings)
81. Hayden James "Just Friends feat. Boy Matthews" (Future Classic)
82. Bilk "Spiked" (Legion)
83. Bodega "How Did This Happen?" (What's the Rupture?)
84. Bad Sports "Don't Deserve Love" (Dirtnap)
85. Black Dress "Go Inside" (Independent)
86. Nina Nesbitt "Loyal To Me" (Cooking Vinyl)
87. A$AP Ferg "Verified" (RCA)
88. Saltwater Sun "Hot Mess" (Hand In Hive)
89. Playboy Carti "Shoota [feat. Lil Uzi Vert])" (AWGE)
90. Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs "Redrum" (Soul Assassins)
91. Petal "Better Than You" (Run for Cover)
92. Colin Magalong "Blossom" (Made In the Shade)
93. The Skull Eclipses feat. Baba Maraire and Felicia Douglass "Pillars" (Western Vinyl)
94. Gary War "Windows and Walls" (Feeding Tube)
95. Maenad Veyl "Calibro" (Veyl)
96. Jungle "Happy Man" (XL)
97. Mallrat "Groceries" (Nettwerk)
98. Pusha T "If You Know You Know" (Getting Out Our Dreams)
99. Pistols Annie "Got My Name Changed Back" (Sony)
100. Noname "Blaxploitation" (Noname)
101. Apollo Brown and Joell Ortiz "Timberlan'd Up RMX (feat. Royce Da 5'9 and KXNG Crooked)" (Soundcloud)
102. Saya "Played Out" (Wet Dream)
103. Public Practice  "Fate/Glory" (Wharf Cat)
104. Wani "Aretha Franklin" (Soundcloud)
105. Adrianne Lenker "symbol" (Saddle Creek)
106. Boz Scaggs "Little Miss Night And Day" (Concord)
107. Freddie Gibbs "Weight" (ESGN)
108. Anitta "Medicina" (Warner Bros Brazil)
109. MC Paul Barman "Leapfrog" (Mello Music)
110. The Revenge "Top Buzz" (Roar Groove).
111. Young Fathers "Toy" (Ninja Tune)
112. Pusha T "The Story of Adidon" (no label)
113. John Legend x BloodPop "Good Night" (Columbia)
114. KLIC "Disco Music (Tuff City Kids Acid mix)" (Home Taping Is Killing Music)
115. Rae Sremmurd and Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi "Guatemala (From Swaecation)" (Eardruma)
116. Lil Mosey, BlocBoy JB "Yoppa" (Mogul Vision)
117. The Regrettes "Teenager In Love" (Warner Bros)
118. Maps and Atlases "War Dreams" (Barsuk)
119. Low Cut Connie "Oh Suzanne" (Contender)
120. lovelytheband "make you feel pretty" (Century Media)
121. Joshua Hedley "Mr. Jukebox" (Third Man)
122. Kevin George "High Like This" (Young Forever)
123. EZI "DaNcing in a RoOm" (5Towns)
124. Andy Cooper "Here Comes Another One (feat BlabberMouf)" (Rocafort)
125. The Mauskovic Dance Band "Down in the Basement" (Soundway)
126. Social Club Misfits "Dive (feat. Beam)" (Social Club)
127. Caroline Rose "Money" (New West)
128. Ratboys "GL" (Topshelf)
129. Jazzanova "Sincere (featuring Noah Slee)" (Sonar Kollektiv)
130. Megan Thee Stallion "Freak Nasty" (SoSouth)
131. GlokkNine "Great Vine" (Soundcloud)
132. Murs "Superhero Pool Party" (Strange Music)
133. Pangaea "Bone Sucka" (Hessle Audio)
134. Didi "Haru" (Damnably)
135. Dr. Octagon "Area 54" (Bulk Recordings)
136. Mint Field "Quiero Otoño De Nuevo" (Innovative Leisure)
137. Mina "Allo" (Enchufada)
138. Livia Blanc "Chocolat Café Passion" (Honey Lemon)
139. Say Sue Me "Old Town" (Damnably)
140. Juiceboxxx "Never Surrender Forever" (Soundcloud)
141. Hanne Mjøen "Sounds Good To Me" (Spinnin')
142. Foolio "Crooks" (Deeper than Sound)
143. Technobeton  "Technobeton 2018" (Original Mix) (Nein)
144. Ron Gallo "Happy Kid" (Mardev)
145. Love-Sadkid "Cash (featuring Dahm and Gould)" (United Common)
146. Burna Boy "Heaven's Gate featuring Lily Allen" (Atlantic)
147. YBN Nahmir "Bounce Out With That" (M.M.M.)
148. Camp Cope "How to Socialise and Make Friends" (Run For Cover)
149. Kasey Chambers and The Fireside Disciples "Goliath Is Dead" (Essence Group)
150. Leikeli47 "Girl Blunt" (Hardcover)
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Most of these songs can be found on this Spotify playlist


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