Monday, October 24, 2005

Indie post-hardcore lives

They call themselves "post-hardcore/alternative/hip-hop' but Tiger Force only has the first part of that right (yet another reason why bands need labels or friends to write copy for them). They do have the hammer-drill pound of hardcore but this guy-girl duo are also proudly lo-fi and their drum programming skills are appropriately minimal. But their DIY spirit is damn refreshing. aNdy fOrce (who must be a Skinny Puppy fan) and xHelen Tigerx (great name, eh?) thrash their guitars and yelp their vocals in such a enthused way that manages to sound both cheery and pissed at the same time. At some point, they're bound to hook up with a smart remixer who'll reconfigure them and add the beats that they deserve but for now, they're still a lovely grimy pleasure. "We don't want to fight a war, we don't want to grow up, we don't want to go out and get down, we don't want to throw up!" they say and who can blame them?


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